Administration Administrator Phone #
Chief Executive Officer Louis Kraml 785-3804
Chief Financial Officer Jeff Daniels 785-3803
Chief Operating Officer Dan Cochran 785-3877
Chief Nursing Officer Carolyn Hansen 785-3802
Assistant Administrator Jake Erickson 782-3762


Department Manager Extension
Administrative Assistant Linda Valentine 785-3804
BioMed Phil Felgenhauer 782-3982
Controller Dustin Nichols 785-3843
Community Education Dinah Karren 785-3840
Director of Quality Shandra Averett 782-3721
Employee Health/Infection Control Laurie Eldredge 785-3835
Engineering Director Josh Maynard 785-3869
Financial Analyst Garrett Moulten 785-3846
Foundation Linda Valentine 785-3804
Grants & Research Tamara Roush 782-2953
Health Information Management Janelle Larsen 785-3850
Housekeeping Teresa Adams 785-3882
Human Resources Tara Preston 785-3841
Information Systems Rob Weis 785-3873
Laboratory Steve Williams 785-3861
Materials Management Brent Bischoff 785-3878
Medical Staff Services Michelle Lewis 785-3896
Nutrition Services Jan Williamson 785-3868
Nurse Manager OB & M/S Roseann Horak 782-2948
Nurse Manager ER/ICU George Deines
Nurse Educator Charlene Guthrie 782-2498
Outreach Director Shane Robinson 782-2950
Patient Financial Services/Billing Katie Hazelbush 785-3849
Pharmacy Wade Flowers 785-3866
Physician Recruitment Michelle Lewis 785-3896
Public Relations/Marketing Paul Kotter 785-3858
Radiology Lisa Wells 785-3807
Respiratory Therapy Clint Hagerty 785-3834
Rural Health Clinic Ralph West 785-3800
Safety Officer Josh Maynard 785-3870
Skilled Nursing Administrator Artie Gulden 782-2994
Skilled Nursing Director of Nurses Diana Groth 785-3885
Social Services Ben Douglas 782-3744
Surgery Dave Lowry 785-3831
Volunteers Dinah Karren 785-3840