Idaho Doctors' Hospital Receives National Award for Patient Satisfaction for the Second Year in a Row; Press Ganey Associates, Inc. Recognizes Idaho Doctors’ Hospital with Prestigious Summit Award

The Award was Presented During a Ceremony Held at Idaho Doctors’ Hospital on April 10, 2013.


“Idaho Doctors’ Hospital works to provide an atmosphere of hospitality, coupled with world-class medical care,” said Louis Kraml, CEO of Idaho Doctors’ Hospital. “Physicians take the time to attend to patients’ needs, pain management and comfort with the goal of providing the best outcomes, the best treatments, the best physicians, the best nurses and the most comfort for patients. It is gratifying to receive this honor for the second year in a row.”



“On behalf of Idaho Doctors’ hospital board of directors, physicians, nurses and staff, we accept this award,” said Dr. Clark Allen, M.D., chief of staff at Idaho Doctors’ Hospital. “An award given based on our patients’ perception of our work is especially welcome recognition. It says that we’ve been able to practice in such a way that our patients feel our compassion and our care and know that we are totally focused on their comfort and their wellness.”



Louis Kraml, CEO of Idaho Doctors' Hospital congratulates Dr. Stephen Marano.