Parenting Class (Love and Logic)®

Learn the necessary skills for success with all ages of children and teens.

Enrollment: please call 208-785-3820, email, or sign up below to enroll in the next available class.

Location: Staley Classroom, Bingham Memorial Hospital

Cost: $75.00

Love & Logic® Parenting Classes

At Bingham Memorial Hospital, we understand that healthy parenting is not easy, which is why we created the “Love & Logic® Parenting Classes.” You don’t have to do it alone. Learning and developing good parenting skills will help you to be more prepared for the challenges you’ll face as a parent and to develop a stronger bond with your child.

Provided will be parenting tips and enlightening information, including expert parenting advice for each age and stage in your child’s development.  You will also learn how to:

  • Teach your child responsibility, confidence, and problem solving.
  • Prepare your child to be an independent, functioning adult that can take on the problems they face.
  • Let your child solve their own problems instead of rescuing them.
  • Show empathy while letting their your child experience the natural consequences of their actions.
  • Help them to make good choices from toddlers to teenagers.

You’ll be able to ask any questions you have about raising your child while we give you interesting tools that can help you be a good parent.

Please join us at Bingham Memorial Hospital. The classes will be held for six weeks, every Thursday night at the same time. The cost of the class is $75.00, which can be billed to insurance carriers. This includes the cost of a workbook that you’ll be able to take notes in and keep.

Please Sign Up Below or call (208) 785-3820 to sign up for our “Love & Logic Parenting Class®” or to ask for additional information.