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For most women, a mammography provides the best way to find breast cancer at an early stage, when treatment is usually the most highly successful.* A mammogram is a low-dose X-ray of your breasts that can detect many changes that are too small or too deep to feel. Mammograms are considered safe, quick and relatively painless. They are available through a doctor's orders or, in some cases, a self-referral. Annual mammograms are recommended for all women ages 40 and over.

Tips for a better Mammogram:

  • On the day of your mammogram, do not use any deodorant, lotion, cream or powder on your underarms or breasts. These could interfere with a clear mammogram.
  • If your breasts get tender around the time of your period, schedule your mammogram for one week after your period ends.
  • If you have had mammograms at another facility, have previous mammograms available to the radiologist at your current exam. Also bring a list of places and dates of earlier mammograms, as well as biopsies and other breast treatments you received.
  • Before the exam, describe any breast symptoms or problems you are having.
  • If you do not hear from your healthcare professional within 10 days, consult him or her.
  • Make sure the mammography center you use is accredited by the America College of Radiology.

For additional information about breast cancer and preventive exams, please read the accompanying webpages:

A physician’s order is required to schedule a mammogram. When you are ready to schedule your mammogram, call your physician’s office and let them know. If you don’t have a physician, call the Bingham Memorial Women’s Center at 782-3900.

*The American Cancer Society recommends that women at especially high risk for breast cancer have a yearly mammogram and MRI scan beginning at age 30.