10 Guidelines for a Healthy Lifestyle

By adopting the following 10 healthy lifestyle habits, you will be doing the best you can to prevent breast cancers, as well as lower your risk of other cancers, heart disease, and a wide range of other serious conditions.

  1. Maintain a healthy weight.
  2. Eat five or more servings of fruits and vegetables daily, make our grains whole grains and cut down on red meat. Consider reducing fat in your diet as well, especially saturated fat.
  3. Get plenty of exercise. Aim for at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise five days a week. Walking is a great all-around activity.
  4. Limit your drinking to occasional or no alcohol. Drinking increases the risk for several types of cancers, including breast cancer.
  5. Decide carefully before starting or continuing hormone replacement therapy. Long-term use of HRT after menopause may increaser breast cancer risk. Discuss your options with your doctor.
  6. Learn about medical conditions that you may have, or be at risk for developing. Control chronic health conditions.
  7. Schedule your health checkups on time.
  8. Avoid tobacco products and second-hand smoke. If you smoke, quit today.
  9. Practice stress management, your emotions can affect your physical health.
  10. Get enough sleep each night. Sleep can help to recharge your immune systems as well as give you the energy you need each day.
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