Fall Prevention Seminar

How to alleviate pain and avoid injury

Remember the days when you would jump rope, bike ride for hours, or twirl around the living room without a second thought? Today, your hip and knees might grow weak at the mere through of such sudden movements. And there’s a good reason why: Your joints tend to break down as you age.

But fear of hurting yourself, or managing knee, hip, or joint pain, doesn’t have to haunt your future. Starting to care for your joints—no matter your age—can help you stay mobile for many more years to come.

You are cordially invited to attend our FREE Orthopedic Class where David Peterson, DO, leading orthopedic specialist at Bingham Memorial’s Orthopedic Institute, will discuss hip, knee, and overall joint health along with options now available to help alleviate pain. He will also discuss total joint replacements and answer any questions you have.

A physical therapy team with Bingham Memorial’s Orthopedic Institute will also be on hand to conduct a mini seminar on how to strengthen joints, prevent falls and injuries, and keep your joints healthy through all stages of life.

Dinner will be included for you and a guest, with your choice of steak or chicken.

Please tell your family and friends about this free, informative event. Space is limited and registration is required.

This class will be offered on one night only!


Check back soon for our next class date!