Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Where can I get more info on your physicians? Is there a list of their phone numbers and specialties?
Go to the top of the website and click "Find a Physician", it will show you all of the specialty physicians that have credentials to practice at the hospital. You can browse by specialty or if you already know the physicians name, you may look for them by using the Search box provided.

Each physicians individual page has a brief biography, photo, and contact information on them.

If you are looking for a specific clinic, you can go to the link Our Clinics at the top of the website for a list of them with contact information and background information on the services they offer.

Is Bingham Memorial Hospital still a county hospital?
The proper response is that Bingham Memorial is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation by the name of BMH, Inc., which leases the hospital from Bingham County. The hospital and all its property is still owned by the county, but governed by the corporation. No property taxes are levied to support the hospital and the corporation actually pays the county a substantial amount each year.

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Admissions & Billing Questions

What insurances do you contract with?
Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross of Idaho Traditional Plan, Blue Cross of Idaho PPO plan, Blue Cross of Idaho Managed Care, Blue Shield of Idaho, IPN, SIPHO, CCN, Deseret Mutual, Altius, Coventry/First Health, First Choice Health Network, Gem Plan, Multiplan, and Three Rivers Provider Network.

What services will my insurance cover? Will my insurance cover this procedure?
Your insurance plan has very detailed information in regards to your medical coverage. This information is provided to you in the form of a coverage booklet that you receive from your employer or your insurance agent. If you have trouble understanding your coverage, it is suggested that you visit with your employer or insurance agent. If you have questions about a specific upcoming service, our Patient Financial Counselors can contact your insurance for you to obtain the answers.

What types of discounts do you offer?
We offer an uninsured discounts to all patients without insurance coverage provided that the account is paid off or set up on terms according to the hospitals policy. Please contact our Patient Financial Advocates at 782-3969 for more information.

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Human Resources Questions

How do I apply for a job with Bingham?
Go to the top of the website where it says "With With Us" and click on the sub-link with the same title "Work With Us". This will take you to our dedicated careers page where you can click on "view all job openings." There you can apply for a position by clicking on the position of interest to you, and then click on "Apply for this job online."

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Nutrition Questions

What type of patient meal service do we provide?
We provide room service patient meals. Breakfast meals are a set menu. Patients may choose lunch and dinner meals from our At Your Request restaurant style menu. They may call their meal orders to the hospitality aide directly, or the hospitality aide will make a personal visit to retrieve menu orders. Meals are delivered to the patient by our hospitality aides.

Is the Garden Cafe open to the public?
Absolutely! Hours of operation are 7:30am-6:30pm M-F, 8:00am-4:30pm on Sat. and 9:30am-4:30pm on Sun. and holidays. Our Espresso Etc. is open 7:00am-2:00pm M-F.

How do I go about making an appointment with the dietitian for nutrition education?
Appointments are made from physician referrals. You must contact your physician for a referral. When the dietitian receives the referral from your physician, she will contact you to make an appointment.

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Social Services Questions

What if I don't have anyone to help me when I get out of the hospital or I can't take care of myself at home for a while?
Bingham employs several social workers who are familiar with the services you might need when you are released from the hospital. If you are unable to return home for a while, the social worker can talk with you about a stay in an Extended Care Facility, a move to an Assisted Living Facility, or other arrangements which may be an option when going home isn't.

What if I feel I can return home when I get out of the hospital but I am just going to need a little help at home?
Whether you need a home health nurse to check on you a few times a week, home physical therapy, meals on wheels, or personal care services at home, the discharge planning social worker can make sure the referrals happen so you can get the care you need.

I have heard that I can complete my Advance Directives at any hospital. Does BMH offer this service which would allow me to let my healthcare providers and family know what my wishes are in regard to end of life decisions?
Yes! We have the Living Will and Durable Power of Attorney For Healthcare forms on-hand and our social services staff is ready to assist you with completing these documents.

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Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Questions

Could you explain advanced directives?
Advanced directives consist of two documents. A Living Will allows you to specify ahead of time whether you want life sustaining treatment begun or continued if you are unable to communicate your wishes. A Durable Power of Attorney for health care gives you the right to delegate authority to someone else to act on your behalf in medical matters if you become incapacitated.

What help is available upon discharge?
Information is given regarding BMH outpatient services and community resources based on individual needs. An example of this might be the list of Home Health agencies available in our area.

Whats a realistic length of stay in the Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Center?
The average length of stay varies according to the needs of the patient but is typically days to several weeks. It is the aim of our staff to get patients home as quickly and safely as possible after an accident or illness.

What is the daily routine?
The plan of care is individualized to each patient but includes access to all modes of therapy services ordered by the physician, assistance with personal cares and medications, and participation in a variety of activities as desired.

Can my family member have the side rails up during their stay in the Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Center?
State and Federal regulations discourage the use of side rails as they can be dangerous. Deaths have been attributed to side rail use and patients have been known to climb over the side rail in an attempt to get up resulting in falls and fractures.

When is the Doctor coming to see me?
Your physician does not visit daily in the Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. They will visit if necessary but also depends on our licensed nurses to stay in contact and update them on your medical condition

When will my Medicare cover for a stay in the Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Center?
Medicare will cover when you have had a qualifying stay in the hospital, which is a three night stay, then you would need a skilled need. This skilled need would be a need for physical therapy or a nursing need, your physician would be the one to decide on this. Once the physician has decided that you qualify by Medicare rules, Medicare pays for the first twenty days in full, on day twenty one a co-pay will start of $124.00 a day, if you have a secondary insurance the secondary will pick up that co-pay as long as Medicare is paying.

What financial help is out there to assist in paying for a stay at the Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Center?
There is state aid which is Medicaid, this is income based, it usually takes up to sixty days to qualify. A single persons income has to be below $1800.00 a month. A couple is different and is usually a case by case qualification.

It takes a little bit of foot work to get qualified for Medicaid by having to gather up paperwork like bank statements, proof of income, things of this nature, but in the long run it pays to have the financial help. The Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Center has financial counselors to help assist in this process.

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