Pediatrics and Adult Internal Medicine

What is Med/Peds?

Med-Peds is a shortened term for “Combined Internal Medicine & Pediatrics.” A Med/Peds doctor has received specialized training in both internal medicine and pediatrics. This specialty requires the completion of residency training in both Internal Medicine and Pediatrics simultaneously. At the end of residency, Med/Peds doctors are certified as both internists for adults and pediatricians for children.

This specialty is different in structure and philosophy from Family Medicine: Med/Peds training is more specialized and extensive, and Family Medicine training is broader and more encompassing. Both doctors provide comprehensive care from newborns to geriatric patients: Med/Peds doctors as specialists, Family Medicine doctors as general practitioners. Both fields complement each other well, and work alongside each other to provide patient care.

As a Med/Peds doctor, Dr. Brown is qualified to treat your entire family. He can care for adults who want a physician who specializes in internal medicine and he is also qualified to care for your children, whether they are infants, toddlers or teens. Any way you look at it, a Med/Peds doctor could be the perfect fit for you and your family. One specialist for the entire family.

Facts about Med/Peds

Med/Peds began as a combined residency training option in 1967. Since then, Med/Peds positions and programs have expanded greatly.

Med/Peds continues its rapid growth today with over 6000 current practitioners nationwide and 1300 Med-Peds residents. It is currently the largest combined specialty program available.

Med/Peds residents comprise 15% of total Pediatrics residents and 8% of all Internal Medicine residents.

Dozens of prominent U.S. medical schools offer Med/Peds programs, including Brown University, University of Chicago and Harvard University.