Kristopher McGee, M.D.

Specialty: Pathology
Phone: (208) 782-2475

Dr. McGee attended medical school in Saint Louis and residency in Chicago, completing fellowship training at the University of Chicago. He is specialty trained in all areas of Anatomical and Clinical Pathology with focus on melanocytic, genitourinary and gynecologic lesions.

As a pathologist, Dr. McGee works behind the scenes, and takes pride in the active role he plays in a patient’s care. Working with your physician, Dr. McGee uses science to accurately diagnose medical conditions and help guide therapeutic decision making. Even though he is looking into a microscope, Dr. McGee understands that he is looking at a patient – not simply a piece of tissue.

It is Dr. McGee’s desire to seek truth through objective science and he works to apply it to the art of medicine in a way that enables physicians to better care for their patients.

Originally from Pocatello, Dr. McGee is excited to be close to home again. He and his family enjoy skiing, golfing, and tennis.