Björn Sauerwein, M.D.

Specialty: Neuro-Urology
Phone: (208) 785-3800

Dr. Sauerwein is a board-certified Urologist who enjoys living and practicing medicine in Southeast Idaho. Born and raised in Germany, he relocated to the United States after marrying his wife – a Virginia native.

Dr. Sauerwein completed his Urology residency at the Health Sciences Center at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. Following his residency, Dr. Sauerwein then commenced a specialized fellowship training at University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, in Incontinence and Neuro-urology.  

When he arrived in Pocatello in 2007, he brought to the area the first minimally invasive laparoscopic kidney surgery and laser techniques--for prostate and kidney stone removal.  Then in 2010, he underwent training and began performing successful surgical robotic procedures in Idaho Falls.

Well versed in all aspects of Urological disorders of the kidneys, bladder, and reproductive system, Dr. Sauerwein is passionate about patient outcomes and satisfaction.

“Most of the time I see myself as a partner and teacher, not a surgeon,” says Dr. Sauerwein. “Just because we have the technology, does not mean we have to use it! It just means I can give my patient the choice of all available options and then they can make the final decision.”  

Dr. Sauerwein loves the mountains and enjoys hiking with his wife and two children. He also plays tennis and looks for opportunities to ride his motorbike.