Bingham Health Care Foundation


The Bingham Health Care Foundation's mission is to develop relationships within the communities it serves, to highlight awareness and access of care, increase the knowledge of healthy lifestyles, and encourage funding sources to enhance healthcare services to community residents.

The Foundation is an independent, non-profit organization that raises money through grant writing, individual donations, special events, annual mass mailings, and an employee payroll deduction program. Because of our non-profit status, we qualify to apply for federal as well as private financial resources, that otherwise would not be available to us.

The Foundation has been involved in providing diabetes packets and educational information to Bingham County residents, therapy services for children, various building and remodeling projects at the Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, and nursing scholarships for LPN's wishing to obtain their RN degree.

At Bingham Memorial Hospital, we believe that what you give, you get back. Whether it's your time, your money, or your knowledge, it's the same. Whenever you serve others, it also enhances your own life.

That is why we are pleased to ask for your help in "Enhancing Health Care and Enhancing Lives." This is an invitation for you to be a part of improving the healthcare for those whom you hold dear.


Our Mission

The Bingham Health Care Foundation’s mission is to raise funds through charitable giving and special events to support high-quality projects, services, and education to maintain and improve the health of Eastern Idaho residents.


Our Past

Local doctors and community members had a dream of building a community hospital that would meet the medical needs of the community. That dream took twenty-seven years of fundraising to become a reality. The community rallied behind these physicians and Bingham Memorial Hospital was built.

The hospital has been fortunate to operate on their own funds, without the use of taxpayer dollars. This has not been an easy task.

Many expansions, renovations, and changes have occurred since the hospital's doors opened in 1950. At that time, the hospital had 6 physicians. Now over 100 doctors are credentialed at Bingham Memorial. This growth is a result of the hospital's continued commitment to provide residents of the area the very best in healthcare.


Our Growth

Our community is growing and our hospital is growing to keep up. Bingham Memorial employs over 500 people. An average of 1,500 patients are admitted to the hospital each year. Over 2,400 operations and over 18,000 medical procedures are performed each year. An estimated 8,700 patients visit the Emergency Room each year, and an average of 42 babies are delivered each month.

Bingham Memorial's medical staff has grown to include many specialty physicians that can treat most health problems right here in our own community. These new services also allow Bingham County residents to have specialty procedures done in the convenience of their community hospital, instead of traveling out-of-town for these services.


Our Future

Bingham Memorial Hospital is growing with our community. To keep pace with this growth, the hospital continues to expand its medical service capabilities. Bingham Memorial also continues to buy new state-of-the-art equipment in order to provide the latest technology in patient care.

As Bingham Memorial continues to expand and bring cutting-edge technology to our community, it is our goal to help maintain the quality and compassion that Bingham Memorial was built on.

You deserve the very best! You deserve a hospital that meets your medical needs. We all deserve to have a hospital that is close to home and that feels like home.


Your Opportunity to Give

The Bingham Health Care Foundation believes that each person can make a difference and should be given the opportunity to join an organization that is truly worthwhile. Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering your time, resources, or skills to further the mission of the Foundation.

No gift is too small to make a difference. Many small gifts can add up to a substantial sum. All gifts and pledges are confidential and tax deductible.

Your donation to the Bingham Health Care Foundation will help make daily medical miracles happen right here in Bingham County. With your help, we will continue the process of "Enhancing Health Care and Enhancing Lives."

To speak with the director of the foundation, please call 785-3888.