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FREE Foot Pain Seminar

You don't have to tolerate foot pain any more.

From morning to night, our feet take us everywhere we need to go, yet we rarely show our appreciation.

Shoes of all shapes and sizes are collected, worn and loved by American Women. However, it is often poor choices in footwear that cause many foot problems today.

Studies have found that close to 90 percent of women in the U.S. wear shoes that are too small and 55 percent have bunions.

Dr. Dan E. Robinson, Bingham Memorial’s foot and ankle specialist, explained what a bunion is, how it can affect you, and how to prevent it and take better care of your neglected

A bunion is an enlargement of bone or tissue on the side of the big toe joint. It may cause the big toe to turn in, towards the second toe. The tissues surrounding the joint may become swollen, tender or irritated.

The prolonged wearing of poorly fitting shoes, usually shoes with a narrow or pointed toe, place your toes in unnatural positions, causing foot conditions like bunions.

People with bunions frequently experience pain when walking, joint redness, joint pain, and a shifting of the big toe toward the other toes. Blisters are also common, because they form more easily around the sight of a bunion.

Pain from bunions can often be alleviated by changing to a more properly fitting shoe that doesn’t compress your toes.

With proper preventative care, bunions may never become a problem. However, if allowed to progress, bunions can become extremely painful.

In general, if you experience severe foot pain that limits your daily activities, like walking, you may want to visit with a foot doctor.

Other signs to watch for with your feet include stiffness, and the inability to straighten your toe.

You don’t have to tolerate foot pain anymore. Dr. Robinson will be sponsoring a free educational seminars about foot pain. At these free seminars, you may ask Dr. Robinson questions regarding your foot problems such as bunions, hammertoes, heel pain, diabetic foot care, and more.

The seminar will be held inside the Medical Plaza Classroom, across the street from Bingham Memorial Hospital. If you are interested in attending this free seminar, please go to to register.

Louis Kraml, CEO Bingham Memorial Hospital