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Happy Legs

Don't let the discomfort of varicose veins interfere with you or a loved one's life.

More than 40 percent of women and 20 percent of men will have some form of abnormal leg veins by the time they are in their 50s.

Although they are often not life threatening, vein abnormalities in the legs can cause great discomfort and can easily be repaired. Dr. David Shelley, Bingham Memorial’s very own Interventional Radiologist and vein specialist explained how varicose veins form, what their symptoms are and how to best treat this condition.

The veins in your legs have small, one-way valves that move blood toward your heart. These valves help to keep blood from forming pools. Over time, veins bulge, elongate and become deformed because of extra pressure caused by pregnancy, excessive time sitting or standing, or being overweight.

Swollen and raised, varicose veins are dark purple or blue and resemble a twisted, bulging cord. The valves in your veins no longer work properly. The resulting pools in your veins can have painful side effects. Aching, burning, throbbing, and swelling are the most common complaints associated with varicose veins.

When treating varicose veins, Dr. Shelley recommends vein ablation. During this procedure, Dr. Shelley uses image guidance to guide a catheter through your leg veins to the ones that have turned varicose. The catheter heats the vein, which causes it to become completely closed. Blood that traveled through the varicose vein is simply re-routed to other, healthy veins.

Vein ablation is a minimally invasive, targeted treatment with a 95 percent success rate. The procedure takes less than an hour and it provides immediate relief of symptoms. The best part is you are able to return to normal activity the same day.

Vein ablation is just one of the many advanced, minimally-invasive medical treatments Dr. David Shelley offers at Bingham.

Don’t let the discomfort of varicose veins interfere with you or a loved one’s life; make your legs happy. Call the Artery & Vein Specialists of Idaho at 233.4938, to schedule an appointment for vein ablation.

Louis Kraml, CEO Bingham Memorial Hospital