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Healthy Weight Week

...focus on healthy habits that last a lifetime...

After the feasting associated with the holidays many of us commit to losing weight, and being healthy in the new year.

Diets that begin on January 1 usually go really well, until about week two. During the second week, most diets are "blown" and we make up for this by overeating.

As we approach week three, there is an important choice to make. After a failed diet and as part of Healthy Weight Week, let’s focus on healthy habits that last a lifetime. Eating well and living an active lifestyle are just two of the healthy habits that can help you keep this year’s health resolutions.

Eating well involves two things - stop dieting and rediscover normal eating.

Following a strict diet may give you quick, noticeable results, but studies show that the results are typically not long term. Weight loss can be quickly followed by weight regain – frequently the regain is more than we originally lost.

Try to eat from every food group during each meal. Incorporate breads, grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, dairy and meats. Eating at regular times, including snacks to satisfy hunger, will help to increase and improve your health – the ultimate goal of every diet.

Eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full – listening to your body’s signs of hunger and fullness will help you to keep the amount of food you consume reasonable.

The choices of balance, variety and moderation allow healthy eating to include all foods.

Be active, in your own way - make exercise fun. Any combination of aerobics, resistance training, stretching, and weights coupled with every day activities like gardening, dancing, sports, an outdoor hobby, or taking a walk with your family can boost your activity level.

During Healthy Weight Week on January 16-22, make a resolution to develop healthy habits that last a lifetime.

If you are struggling to make, and keep healthy habits or resolutions, Bingham Memorial’s talented team of physicians and healthcare providers may be the added boost you need. Call 785-3859 to see how the professionals at Bingham can help you keep your health resolutions.