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Welcoming Dr. Douglas H. Jones—Allergy Specialist

April 14, 2015 -Thanks to the mild winter we just experienced, we’re seeing an earlier spring than usual. For thousands of eastern Idahoans, though, this also means allergy season is striking earlier. While allergy symptoms vary depending on specific allergies, if you’re experiencing symptoms such as coughing, itching, congestion, swelling, hives and inflammation of the eyes, nose or throat—you’re not alone.

Approximately 50 million Americans suffer from allergies, which are among the most common chronic conditions worldwide. Many allergies include grass, plant and tree pollens, insect stings, household dust, animal dander, food, medicine, feathers and mold. A few tips to help you manage this allergy season:

  • If you suffer from grass pollen allergies, avoid mowing the lawn or working in it directly after it has been mowed.
  • If you buy trees for your yard, look for species that do not aggravate your allergies.
  • Try to avoid the outdoors from 5 a.m. until 10 a.m., when pollen levels are likely to be higher.
  • Keep the windows in your home and car closed. If the weather is warm, use the air conditioner in your home instead of using fans that will blow the pollen into the air.
  • Dry your clothes in an automatic dryer rather than hanging them outside.

Not only are allergies a nuisance, but they can become a serious health concern if not treated properly. If you or a loved one suffer from seasonal allergies, I have some good news. Allergist Dr. Douglas H. Jones, a Blackfoot native, is part of our medical team at the Idaho Physicians Clinic.

Dr. Jones is uniquely qualified to offer allergy relief to his patients. He received a degree in biology from the University of Utah and his medical degree from Penn State University College of Medicine. Dr. Jones also completed a residency program in Internal Medicine and a sub-specialty training in Allergy, Asthma and Immunology. He is board certified by the American Board of Allergy and Immunology and by the American Board of Internal Medicine.

Dr. Jones sees patients in Blackfoot, and he also conducts consultations via Telemedicine, which is real-time interactive communication between a patient and a doctor. Telemedicine eliminates traveling far to meet with an expert, saving you time and money. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Jones to find out about available allergy treatments, please call 785-3800.