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Men's Health Month


Men tend to be notorious for not worrying about their health. Aches, pains and discomfort are just something we try to power through. “Rub a little dirt on it,” Dad used to say.

We don’t want to go see a doctor and hear what’s wrong with us. But more and more, the health community is learning that preventative care can go a long way to helping improve quality of life and catching diseases while there is still time for effective treatment.

The month of June marks Men’s Health Month, an opportunity to raise awareness of preventable disease and encourage early detection and treatment.

According to statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, men lived longer than women by an average of one year back in 1920. But today, the average woman lives six years longer than the average man.
Women are also 100 percent more likely than men to visit their doctor for regular health screenings. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, men die at higher rates of the top 10 causes of death than women, and are much more likely to suffer death in the workplace.

Men’s Health Month is also an opportunity for women to play a role in helping the men in their lives take charge of their health. Talk to your brother, husband, father or grandfather about his health. Has he had his blood pressure checked lately? Has he talked to his doctor about being screened for conditions like prostate or colon cancer? Are you encouraging him to live a healthy lifestyle, eat healthier foods and get some exercise in at least a few times per week?

This month, take time to show the men in your life you care. And men, take time to show everyone in your life you care about them by taking care of yourself. If it’s been a while since you’ve been to the doctor for a routine physical, pick up the phone and schedule a visit. We have expert physicians in heart health, weight loss, mental health, diabetes, internal medicine and more.

Call Bingham Memorial Hospital at 785-3859, and take control of your health this June.

Louis Kraml,
CEO, Bingham Memorial Hospital