Fun Ways to Stay Fit This Winter

Idaho’s cold weather makes it difficult to get the recommended 30 minutes of exercise a day. It’s dark outside when you leave for work and dark when you return home, which can make staying upbeat and motivated challenging.

“Exercise is not only for those looking to get in shape,” says Jared Kam, MD, family and sports medicine physician at Bingham Memorial’s Orthopedic Institute. “It plays an important role in preventing possible injuries and helping those who struggle with seasonal depression.”

How can you continue an exercise program when it’s freezing outside and the snow is falling? If you’re struggling to find time for fitness this season, here are some suggestions:

Stay Indoors

Look into local workout facilities which offer new and different exercise programs at various times during the day. Try the fitness equipment, an aerobics class or a new activity, like racquetball. Or how about a few laps around the basketball court? Take ballroom dance lessons or even try your “feet” at tap dancing. Stretch your mind and body with yoga or Pilates.

Make it Fun

Visit an ice rink or laser tag facility with your children. Learn how to play one of the fitness programs on your kids’ interactive home video game. Go sledding in your neighborhood. Having some laughs while exercising keeps you motivated!

Keep it Simple

You don’t need a rigid exercise program to stay active. Walking around your mall or taking a few trips up and down your home stairs helps, too. Remember: Every move counts.

About Jared Kam, MD

Dr. Jared Kam is a fellowship trained, sports medicine physician. As a specialist in sports medicine, he treats injuries sustained by sports and recreational activities. He helps athletes get back in the game, whether they’re recovering from sports injuries, concussions or illness as well as injuries or troubles that occur from simply living life. He is a member of the Orthopedic Institute—east Idaho’s largest group of orthopedic physicians—and specializes in family and sports medicine.

Dr. Kam has offices in Idaho Falls and Pocatello. To schedule an appointment, you can call his office at 535-3626 or 478-7900.

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