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The decisions you make before delivering a baby can help you create a personalized birth plan to make the most of your special day.

Developing a Birth Plan

February 9, 2016  - Pregnancy can be an exciting time for expectant moms-to-be. Many women preparing to start a family have lots of questions during their pregnancy. At the Bingham Memorial Women’s Center, our Ob-Gyn’s have found that women who are more informed about what to expect tend to enjoy their pregnancy and are more prepared for the experience. The primary goal of our Ob-Gyns is to ensure every mom-to-be and their baby will start out in the healthiest possible way.

To help moms-to-be to become informed and active members of their healthcare team, our Ob-Gyn’s have created a birth plan brochure. This pamphlet clearly explains many things that occur before labor begins, details about our labor environment and birthing center, and what to expect during and after delivery. Having this information can help guide you in a discussion with your Ob-Gyn, which can then be the basis for a birth plan.

A birth plan is a clear, one-page statement about your expectations and preferences for your labor and delivery experience. Birth plans should be shared with your physician and family members to be able to prepare for the arrival of your baby. This will also provide any new members to your medical team, in addition to your Ob-Gyn, an overview of your labor and delivery preferences.

Because each birth is different, though, labor and delivery may not always go exactly as expected. But, by having a birth plan, Bingham Memorial’s hospital staff will always do their best to accommodate your preferences.

A birthing plan includes some of the following information.

Before Labor Begins

A mom-to-be has two choices for delivering their baby at the appropriate time. This includes thinking about having a natural, spontaneous birth, or deciding if you would like to have an induced labor.

Labor Environment

When it comes to labor and delivery, Bingham Memorial Hospital offers a premier birthing center. Not only is our staff highly skilled, but our facility is beautiful. You will also learn about the variety of birthing accessories you will have available to ensure your delivery is as comfortable as possible.

Our team encourages all expectant moms to tour our birthing facility with their partners ahead of time. Please feel free to schedule a tour by calling: (208) 782-3900.

Delivery & Pain Management

During delivery, many things will occur quite quickly. This section in our birth plan brochure has information about specific medical procedures, or interventions, your Ob-Gyn will be performing for the safety of mother and baby. This portion of a birth plan also includes information about the different types of positions that will be available to you when it’s time to push as well as options for pain control.

Newborn Care

In the last section of our birth plan brochure, you will find information about what will occur right after giving birth, such as standard medical procedures that will be performed right after giving birth to keep your baby safe and healthy, and educational material about the many benefits of breastfeeding.

While labor may be different for every woman, Bingham Memorial’s goal is to have a happy and healthy mom and baby sharing a beautiful experience.

Our Caring OB-GYNs

At the Bingham Memorial Women’s Center, we have assembled a dynamic team of both female and male Ob-Gyns. They empower women to maintain good health, participate in their care, address healthcare concerns, and bring new life into the world. They also understand the challenges women face in today’s society as caregivers and family providers, and their goal is to provide women with the tools they need to make smart choices that will positively impact the rest of their lives.

One of the many educational resources they provide is a birth plan brochure. If you would like to request a free birth plan brochure, please call (208) 782-3900 or click here to download one.

Our Ob-Gyns are here for the women of Blackfoot and Bingham County, and care for the special needs of women in a compassionate manner you won’t find anywhere else. They take the time to answer your questions so you can feel confident in your healthcare choices. With the right information, women of all ages can be empowered to make good decisions about their health and wellness.

If you would like to schedule an appointment with the Bingham Memorial Women’s Center, please call (208) 782-3900.


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