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Bingham Memorial Hospital Selected for National Study;

Announces Fundraiser for Participants

Research to Focus on Chronic Traumatic Brain Injury Treatment for Veterans

November 19, 2012 (Blackfoot, ID) – Bingham Memorial Hospital announced that Idaho Doctor’s Hospital and Idaho Hyperbarics have been selected as one of 30 hospitals to participate in the National Brain Injury Rescue and Rehabilitation Project, Observational Study of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) in Chronic Traumatic Brain Injury to be conducted by the International Hyperbaric Medial Association (IHMA).


The study aims to provide further evidence that treatment in Hyperbaric Chambers is beneficial to the hundreds of thousands of veterans suffering from Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). In 2009, the Pentagon’s Centers of Excellence for Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury reported that as many as 360,000 veterans may be suffering from this condition.


“Bingham Memorial Hospital has one of the largest hyperbaric oxygen therapy facilities west of the Mississippi River,” said Louis Kraml, CEO of Bingham Memorial Hospital. “That capability allows us to treat multiple patients at the same time in a comfortable setting, bringing the cost for treatment down while achieving the best results for patients. Our community has many individuals who have sacrificed to serve in our military, and we are so pleased to be selected in a study that is seeking to identify the best treatments for a devastating condition that impacts military personnel all over the country.”


Governor Butch Otter and U.S. Senator Mike Crapo praised the effort by BMH and their hyperbaric team.


“Taking care of our veterans and their families is an important responsibility that Idaho takes very seriously. We salute programs that improve the lives of those who put themselves in harm’s way to protect our freedom and way of life,” Governor C.L. “Butch” Otter said.

Idaho Senator Mike Crapo welcomed the involvement by Idaho medical leaders in the study and treatment of TBI injuries for veterans and others.  “Statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and other sources indicate there may be 19,000 TBI cases in Idaho alone.  More must be done to help these victims and I appreciate Bingham Memorial Hospital’s role in this national effort.”

The study will focus on Veterans who suffer from TBI and/or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The Healing Center at Idaho Doctor’s Hospital will accept 100 military veterans between 18-65 years old who suffer from traumatic brain injury (TBI).


Kraml continued, “We hope to not only support this study through our participation, but want to bring national attention to Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy as a treatment option and have announced a fundraiser to offset any cost in participation.”


On November 17th, Bingham Memorial Hospital and Bingham Memorial Healthcare Foundation hosted “The Red White and the Blue” Regional Veterans Celebration to raise money and awareness for the study. The event will included a Veterans of Honor Medal Ceremony, honoring seventeen individual veterans. The event was held at the Pocatello Red Lion Hotel. Proceeds from the event will pay for individual treatment of veterans participating in the hyperbaric oxygen therapy study.


The Healing Center at Idaho Doctor’s Hospital hosts a multi-personal hyperbaric chamber that can treat up to 20 individuals at one time, thus significantly reducing costs for treatment.


“The National Brain Injury Rescue and Rehabilitation Consortium are proud to welcome Bingham Memorial Hospital as a registered participant in the study to benefit Veterans,” said Robert L. Beckman, NBIRR Site Coordinator and Platform Architect. “The size and scope of the facility at Idaho Doctor’s Hospital, in addition to the award winning patient satisfaction they deliver, will provide the excellence in care we must have in a clinical trial of this importance.”


The Department of Veterans Affairs has reported the suicide rate for Veterans is rising to 18 veterans a day due to combat induced TBI and PTSD. The Department also reports Idaho is host to one of the nation’s highest percentage of Veteran populations under the age of 25. With TBI and PTSD being the signature injury of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and the average age of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans being 22 years of age, NBIRR believes these statistics combined makes the study and the selection of Bingham Memorial significant.


“Bingham Memorial is one of only 30 hand-picked HBOT facilities nationwide in this important effort to stanch the suicide epidemic in our veterans. Medical teams dedicated to the best procedures that science and medicine can provide can only do Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.”


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