2018 Servant’s Heart of the Year Award Winner

Dec 10, 2018Press Releases

Throughout 2018, we’ve had the privilege of honoring three Bingham Memorial team members with the Servant’s Heart Award each month. This goes to employees, physicians, and volunteers who are nominated by their peers for going above and beyond to deliver not only caring and compassionate care—but extraordinary care—that positively impacts our patients in a variety of ways.

Every year, though, we like to recognize one employee who truly exemplifies what it means to have a Servant’s Heart. In honor of one employee who has been nominated more times than anyone else by his peers and repeatedly praised by patients, we are delighted to announce that BRANDON SHORTMAN, registered nurse, is the recipient of the 2018 Servant’s Heart of the Year award.

We are indebted to Brandon for his unwavering commitment to our patients and employees. He is truly an extraordinary human being whose work and countless acts of kindness have been fundamental in embodying compassionate and loving care at Bingham Memorial. Brandon, thank you for all of the tremendous joy and bright light you bring to our patients and employees on a daily basis. Your genuine optimism, generosity, and thoughtfulness are greatly appreciated.

Here are some of the stories people have shared about Brandon:

“Patients and his peers recognized Brandon more than any other registered nurse at Bingham Memorial throughout 2018. He is identified more often by discharged patients as an outstanding and compassionate nurse. His patients frequently say how well he listens, comforts, and provides great care.”

“A patient had a hernia repair. She found the bed painful to her back. She said it was the gap where the bed lifts and that she has arthritis in her back. She did like Pablo and Brandon a lot. Another patient also mentioned how helpful and attentive Brandon was.”

“Patients are always satisfied with Brandon’s help and they are always very complementary! It seems I hear nearly daily (during rounds or in discharge calls) how wonderfully kind, and compassionate Brandon is. He is gifted with ‘presence.’”

“Brandon made it possible for me to feel loved and cared for, and to ease my fears and worries.  He took the time to listen and get to know me. I would never have an issue coming back to the hospital again, and being treated like that.” 

“Brandon has been recognized by patients possibly more than any nurse at Bingham Memorial. He is identified more often by discharged patients as an outstanding and compassionate nurse from the night shift. His patients frequently say how well he listens, comforts, and provides great nursing care. I have had several patients tell me that without his care (emotionally) they couldn’t have gotten through their hospital experience.

One patient said she needed her meds delivered to her on the hour through the night. She didn’t have to watch the clock, which gave her peace of mind.”

Another patient reported at the beginning of Brandon’s shift, he came in and explained how he planned to care, then asked her for her preferences. She described him as attentive and responsive, but not overboard.”

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