3 New Residents Welcomed into Bingham Internal Medicine Residency Program

Jun 28, 2016Press Releases

Bingham Memorial Hospital (BMH) introduced three new resident physicians to the Bingham Internal Medicine Residency program on Tuesday night at an annual welcoming ceremony. The three residents—Brock Aldrich, DO; Gregg Gibbs, DO; and, Dave Ohlson, DO—were formally introduced and presented with a traditional white lab coat, which represents their official career transition into doctors.

The three new resident physicians come from a wide range of backgrounds and each graduated from a different medical school, including schools in Washington, Pennsylvania, and Colorado. They are all studying internal medicine, which is a medical specialty dealing with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of adult diseases. These include treating patients with high blood pressure, diabetes, heart failure, coronary artery disease, and chronic pulmonary disease. They will now spend the next three years training throughout eastern Idaho to become eligible for board certification in internal medicine.

“The goal of the Bingham Internal Medicine Residency program is to prepare resident physicians to work confidently in physician and hospital settings while providing a high-quality of healthcare to all patients,” says Jeff Daniels, CEO of BMH. “We believe that with the support of our enthusiastic medical and support staff, as well as our physician and hospital partners, our residents will have the opportunity to become proficient and sought after medical providers in our community.”

Residency is a required step and the final stage of a physician’s graduate medical education before they go into practice. Established in 2014, the Bingham Internal Medicine Residency program encompasses teaching future doctors to deliver exquisite patient care while providing a practical learning experience to help them succeed in their future career goals. The program is the first and only American Osteopathic Association (AOA) approved internal medicine residency in Idaho for a doctoral degree in Osteopathic Medicine.

Bingham’s residency program provides residents with unique opportunities to develop not only their patient communication skills, but to understand the importance of effective communication between everyone involved in patient care. Being in residency involves training and working under the supervision of an attending physician, and, from the nursing staff to the respiratory and radiology teams, they work together to ensure the best outcome for the patient.

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