Aggravating Allergies

May 21, 2014Health Focus

As we near the end of May and head into the month of June, most of the country is getting ready for the dog days of summer. But here in eastern Idaho, we’re still experiencing the throes of spring. Trees and flowers are blooming, rain is falling and with the beauty of new life comes the dreaded companion of spring: allergies.
Are you sneezing more often lately? Do you have itchy eyes? A scratchy throat? If you have allergies, it’s not surprising. Lots of plants and flowers are putting off pollen this time of year. Plus, traffic and pollution are always around. All of which can make it hard to breathe.

Allergies can feel like having a cold, but allergy symptoms usually last longer. And they may get worse when you’re outside, or close to what you are allergic to. Other signs include coughing, swollen or watery eyes, or a runny or clogged nose.

To help your allergies, shut the windows in your home. Use an air conditioner or humidifier to keep the air inside clean and moist. Check the local news for smog or pollen counts, or check online. If you can, avoid going outside when these numbers are high. Your pets might make your allergies worse, especially if they go outside. So try to keep your pets clean and out of your bedroom.

Allergies may seem like just another thing you have to live with, but there’s no reason to suffer in silence. Many allergy symptoms can be solved or greatly reduced with a visit to your doctor. You might even be experiencing symptoms you never even thought were related to allergies.

Any of the family medicine doctors here at Bingham Memorial Hospital can help if your allergy symptoms are getting in the way of your daily life. You can get relief by knowing  how to avoid allergy triggers and what you can do to reduce  your allergy symptoms when they do come.

Your doctor may also be able to prescribe medicine to lessen your allergy symptoms.  For more information, contact the hospital at 785-3858 and make an appointment with one of our family physicians to help you enjoy spring rather than feeling aggravated by it.