Fight Vein Disease

May 11, 2016Health Focus, Health Matters for Women

Abnormal veins could be the cause of your pain.

Although as many as 50 percent of Americans suffer from some form of vein disease, many don’t even know it. With vein disease affecting people from their 20’s to their 80’s, learn why it’s so much more than just a cosmetic nuisance.

What is Vein Disease?

Vein disease refers to any condition related to diseased or abnormal veins. Mild vein disease is usually not a problem, but as it worsens, it can become crippling.

Normally, arteries carry oxygen-rich blood from your heart through the body, and veins return that blood to your heart. Your veins have one-way valves to keep the blood flowing to the heart. As muscles contract, the blood is pushed forward in your veins. When muscles relax, the valves shut to prevent blood from flowing backward.

Vein walls can become weak, damaged, stretched, or injured. The damage can cause your veins to stop working properly and blood to flow backward when your muscles relax. This backward flow of blood creates high pressure and even pooling in the veins, which results in stretching, twisting, and swelling of the veins. These abnormal veins with sluggish blood flow cause vein disease.

Symptoms of Vein Disease

Left untreated, vein disease gradually worsens and can have debilitating effects on your lifestyle. Symptoms of vein disease include varicose veins, spider veins, leg cramps, restless legs, itching legs, heaviness in the legs, burning legs, and swelling legs. Vein disease can limit your activities and cause pain when standing or walking for prolonged periods of time.

Treating Vein Disease

Seeking treatment early for vein disease results in the best outcome. Doctors target the source of vein disease by using laser, radiofrequency energy, or mechanical treatments to treat the problem veins from the inside. They shut down the damaged veins so healthy veins can take over, reducing your chance for recurrence of problems. Unsightly veins can be erased with a laser or targeted injections. Most treatments can be performed in a physician’s office.

FREE Leg Screenings

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