Healthy Steps in a Baby's Development

Apr 15, 2015Health Focus

A baby with a healthy start in their first year will have the opportunity to lead an all-around better life, and there are some simple signs to look for to ensure they are on a healthy path. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, here are a few milestones to watch for as your baby grows.

3 months

After a few months in the world, a baby should be able to raise their head and chest while on their stomach, open and close their hands, and grasp and shake toys. They should have a more expressive face and body, imitate some movements and expressions, and follow moving objects.

4 to 7 months

As if they weren’t adorable at 3 months, now they’re developing personality. A baby should be able to roll around, transfer an object from one hand to the other, and sit up with and without support. They may also be interested in images in a mirror, enjoy social play, and struggle to get objects that are out of reach.

8 to 12 months

A baby should be able to get to a sitting position without help, crawl forward on their belly, pull themselves up to stand, and walk holding on to furniture. Also, they may appear shy or anxious with strangers, cry when you leave the house, look at the correct picture in a book when an image is named, and begin to use objects, like a spoon, correctly. This is the time you need to start child proofing those electrical outlets, bathrooms and kitchens because they’re going to be running around in no time!

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