National Volunteer Appreciation Week 2015

Apr 15, 2015Health Focus

Bingham Memorial Hospital has been very blessed over the years to have a strong team of volunteers who play such a vital role in keeping our hospital running smoothly. In honor of National Volunteer Appreciation Week, I would like to personally thank the many volunteers who give freely of their time to make the patients, residents, and visitors to Bingham Memorial feel welcomed.

Our volunteers collectively give over 5,000 hours of personal time each year, which helps us provide world-class healthcare with a personalized touch. We have volunteers that help in administration, the front desk, office supply, materials management, and the gift shop. They also operate an in-house beauty salon, play the piano, and read to the residents in our Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Center.

“Our volunteers are so versatile,” says Mindy Moore, BMHs human resource and volunteer coordinator. “Some have been volunteering at BMH for over 20 years. And, as of this month, the ‘most experienced’ volunteer is 90 years young, with the youngest being 16.”

Mindy also says: “Our volunteers are some the most dedicated people I’ve ever met, and I couldn’t be more grateful and proud of every one of them. Their dedication and loyalty is astounding.” As our small way of saying “Thank You” to all of the men and women who give so much based on a desire to help out and give back, Mindy held our highly anticipated annual volunteer appreciation luncheon on April 10.

We look forward to challenging the volunteer program to clearly identify and promote the personal benefits of joining. If it wasn’t for these caring individuals getting involved, our hospital wouldn’t be as successful as we are at providing exquisite patient care.

For the younger generation, if you think you might be interested in a career in healthcare, then volunteering at a local hospital is a great way to gain life experience and insight into the medical profession. Additionally, highlighting volunteer work on a job application, resume, or college application looks impressive.

Inspired by the idea of volunteering, but not sure where to start? Please contact Mindy Moore to learn about our volunteer opportunities. She can be reached at 785-3840 or by e-mail