Bingham Memorial Hospital and Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Center: Additional Medical Staff Roster

In addition to our active medical staff, we have teamed up with other healthcare providers throughout the region because we believe everyone throughout Eastern Idaho should have access to as many medical specialties as possible.

Courtesy Staff

Amandeep Chadha, M.D. | Nephrology *

David Donaldson, M.D. | Otolaryngology

John Fornarotto, M.D. | IM/ Ophthalmology

Michael Haderlie, M.D. | IM/ Nephrology

Stephen Hansen, M.D. | Spine Surgery 

Kailey Housley, D.D.S. | Pediatric Dentistry*

Steven Larson, D.O. | OB/GYN 

Mark Mansfield, M.D. | Family Medicine

Ryan Miller, D.O. | Orthopedic/Hand *

Travis Nielsen, D.O. |Family Medicine

A. Jake Poulter, M.D. | Anesthesia/Pain Management

Fahim Rahim, M.D. | IM/ Nephrology

Naeem Rahim M.D. | IM/ Nephrology

Christian Shull, M.D. | Hematology/ Oncology 

Jeffrey Stucki, D.O. | Orthopedic/Hand *

Hira Siktel, M.D. | IM/Nephrology 

Bruce J. Watkins, M.D. | Hand Surgery *


Consulting Staff

Lorin Bachman, M.D. | Radiology

Jared Bailey, M.D. | Radiology*

Eric Baird, M.D. | General Surgery

David Behrmann, M.D. | Radiology

Richard Bentley, M.D. | Radiology *

Dirk Bigler, D.O. | Radiology *

Keith Blauer, M.D. | Reproductive Endo.

David Cameron, M.D. | Radiology

Steven Coker, M.D. | Surgical 1st Assist

Michael Enslow, M.D. | Radiology*

Erich Garland, M.D. | Neurology

Steven Larsen, M.D. | Radiology

Cristina Leon, M.D. | Pediatric Echo

Daniel S. Madsen, M.D. | IR/Radiology

Scott Parker, M.D. | Radiology*

Nicholas Pierson, M.D. | Radiology 

James Pohl, M.D. | Sleep Lab

Stephen Preece, M.D. | Radiology *

James Schmutz, M.D. | Radiology

Cory Spicer, M.D. | Radiology*

Matthew Williamson, D.O. | Radiology

Roderick Willmore, M.D. | Radiology 


Emergency Medical Staff

Hans Redd, M.D. *


Allied Health

Karla Adams, NP

Shandra Averett, NP

Dale Belnap, PA

Bryce Campbell, NP*

Alan Crandall, PA*

James Cook, PA

Kaitlin Cox, PA*

Annie Dixon, PA

Mark Edlefsen, CRNA

Travis Evans, NP

Janet Garland, NP

Guss Grimmett, NP

Carolyn Hansen, NP*

Ryan Killpack, PA*

Matthew Kinghorn, NP *

Ammon Lambson, PA*

Julia McGee, PA

Lance McKay, PA

Zachary Morrow, CRNA*

Shawn Murray, CRNA

Timothy Naylor, CRNA*

Steven Nelson, PA*

Ryan Park, NP*

Brandon Pieper, CRNA

Ryan Porter, PA

Jason Romriell, PA*

Cory Sayre, CRNA*

Ryan Sayre, CRNA

Tawny Spurlock, PA*

Joy Taylor, NP*

Adrian J. Turpin, PA*

Christopher Wehrli, CRNA

Jennifer Wistisen, PA*

Shawn Wren, CRNA



Jude Fink, M.D. | Internal Medicine *

Jared Morton, M.D. | Internal Medicine *

Patrick Snarr, D.O | Internal Medicine *

Shawn Speirs, D.O. | Internal Medicine * 


To see full bios of all of our active medical staff, please click here.


*Provisional Staff