B. Shields Stutts, MD*

Specialty: Cardiology
*This provider proudly participates in the Bingham Direct Program.

Bingham Memorial Hospital is proud to have Shields Stutts, M.D., a well-known cardiologist as part of its medical team, who is now also seeing patients in Idaho Falls.

Dr. Stutts practiced medicine in Idaho Falls for almost 20 years before relocating to Arizona. His return to Eastern Idaho gives residents access to one of the most experienced heart doctors in the region.

As a board-certified cardiologist with 33 years of experience, Dr. Stutts will be a welcome addition to Bingham’s already accomplished medical staff. He graduated from medical school Cum Laude at Tulane University in New Orleans after completing his undergraduate degree from the University of New Orleans. Dr. Stutts then went on to complete an internship and his residency at the Charity Hospital of Louisiana where he served as Chief Resident. Following his residency, Dr. Stutts was drafted into the Air Force during the Viet Nam War and during 7 years of service he completed a cardiology fellowship at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas becoming Board Certified in 1978.

Dr. Stutts is particularly excited about the opportunity to work at a medical facility that is focused on putting patient care first.

“I think what is going on at Bingham may be the developing blueprint for the future of medicine,” says Dr. Stutts. “A system where physicians can focus on their patients and the hospital benefits because the patients receive their hospital needs locally without having to travel many miles to find these resources.”

Dr. Stutts holds membership in some of the top medical societies in the country, including the American Heart Association, American Medical Association and the American College of Cardiology. He has also held numerous leadership positions in the medical community, including serving as the president of local chapters of the American Heart Association and as a member of the board of directors of the Idaho chapter of the American Heart Association.

“In my opinion, Bingham Memorial is setting the pace to keep patient-oriented care the number one priority for both the hospital and the physician,” he says. “That’s the way it should be.”

Dr. Stutts was named one of the country’s top cardiologists in 2006 by the Consumers’ Research Council of America and Doctor of the Year at Yavapai Regional Medical Center in 2008. While practicing in Idaho Falls he help found the local chapter of Mended Hearts a national organization dedicated to support group activities for people with heart disease and was their physician director the whole time he was in practice there. He promoted visiting lectureships and other educational forums for this helpful group and was famous for his Christmas “latest and greatest” presentation at the annual Christmas dinner.

Dr. Stutts work at Bingham Memorial through the years has greatly enhanced the Cardiology Program. He now provides initial diagnostic services including basic cardiology evaluations and consultations, including the latest in cardio-metabolic evaluations and treatment, and diagnostic stress testing of all types. Additionally, he provides echocardiographic assessment of heart pathology, including the trans-esophageal modality, arrhythmia detection and treatments such as pacemaker insertions, assessment of peripheral vascular disease, and diagnostic Cardiac Catheterization.

His state-of-the-art approach is highly supported by Bingham Memorial Hospital, and his efforts greatly enhance all forms of medical care for the people of eastern Idaho. He says, “This support by Bingham Memorial has been a win, win for the patients and the hospital. I’m just glad to have been able to help get the dynamic cardiology program started and to be involved in helping it grow.”

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