At Bingham Healthcare, we have two types of dieticians.
  1. A dietician that works with individual patients who are interested in eating healthier or need to eat better due to medical reasons.
  2. A dietician that works on our Empower weight-loss team. They work with our weight-loss patients for non-surgical and surgical weight loss reasons, such as losing weight prior to a weight-loss surgery or working with patients after a weight-loss surgery.
Dietitians and nutritionists play an important role in helping people attain their weight loss goals and improve their overall health. While exercise is important for health and optimal weight loss, a healthy diet is vital. Our dietitians will teach you about foods you should include and exclude from your diet, portion control, how often to eat, and how to shop and cook to meet your goals. They can also provide you with recipes and ideas for healthy, nutritional snacks and meals.

What to expect at an appointment with a dietitian

First appointments with dietitians often begin with a nutritional assessment. You will be weighed and asked to talk about your current diet; how much you eat and drink, and whether you have any specific concerns or problem areas.

Your appointment will likely include an individualized nutrition consultation and receive advice about how to make healthy changes that you can sustain. You’ll be asked about your goals. For example, our dieticians may ask if you want to lose weight, and if so, how much weight you want to lose. Then they will help you develop a personal nutrition plan that can get you there.

A step-by-step process

Dietitians know that most people can’t sustain a complete diet overhaul all at once. If you’re currently eating mostly processed foods and drinking lots of soda or alcohol, expecting to suddenly change to eating only fresh vegetables and fruits, lean proteins, and whole grains while also cutting soda and alcohol isn’t realistic (at least not for most people). Our dieticians will help you set reasonable goals that you feel comfortable achieving.

Nutrition Counseling at Bingham 

Our dieticians are here to help you attain all your health goals. They may work as part of your overall healthcare team, consulting with your doctor to ensure your diet is beneficial to your health. If you are interested in working with a dietician to learn how to eat better or because of medical reasons, please call: (208) 785-4100.

Empower Weight Loss Program

However, if you have been struggling to lose weight without success, our Empower weight-loss team may help you in your journey. For more information about non-surgical or surgical weight loss, please visit:

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