Bingham Memorial Hospital is committed to improving the health and wellness of our community. Each month we offer free informational seminars that provide fun and learning in a variety of personal improvement areas for groups of individuals. Below is a list of the  informational seminars currently being offered at Bingham Memorial Hospital. Click on the class you're interested in and you will be directed to an informational and registration page.

You can also pre-register for all classes by calling (208) 785-3820 or sending an email to our Community Education Coordinator at:


Birthing Basics

Pregnancy can be an exciting time for moms-to-be. Many women preparing to start a family have lots of questions during their pregnancy. Our Ob-Gyn’s at the Bingham Memorial Women’s Center have found that women who are more informed about what to expect tend to enjoy their pregnancy and are more prepared for the experience. Click here to learn more or register.


Exercise & Nutrition Class

Christopher Heatherton, DO, board-certified family medicine specialist, will be speaking on a monthly basis about healthy weight-loss techniques, positive lifestyle choices, and exercising for health, in spite of possible limitations. Click here to learn more or register.


Fall Prevention Seminar

David Peterson, DO, leading orthopedic surgeon at Bingham Memorial’s Orthopedic Institute, will discuss hip, knee, and overall joint health along with options now available to help alleviate pain. He will also discuss total joint replacements and answer any questions you have. Click here to learn more or register.


Leg and Vein Pain Seminar

Enduring leg pain from an injury or strain is bad enough. But, if you’re experiencing pain that seemingly has no cause at all or pain that just won’t go away, then you’ll want to attend Bingham Memorial Hospital’s FREE seminar to learn about revolutionary treatments for chronic pain. Click here to learn more or register.


FREE Weight-Loss Seminars

If you’ve been on a weight-loss journey for a while and are unhappy with your progress, the Weight Loss Center at Bingham Memorial might be right for you. The goal of our program is to help people experience the life-changing effects of non-surgical and surgical weight-loss solutions.

The first step to weight loss and a new you is having all of your questions answered, which is why we hold FREE informational seminars every month. At the seminars, our weight-loss experts explain all the details of our program and former surgical weight-loss patients and other members of our program attend to provide insights and answer questions.

Click here to register for a weight loss seminar being held monthly in the following locations: Blackfoot, Idaho Falls, or Pocatello.

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    May 25, 2016

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    September 12, 2018

    If you’re pregnant, keep these tips in mind so you and your baby can stay out of harm’s way as your belly blossoms.

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    August 16, 2017

    Becoming a bystander who makes a difference is simple: Learn first aid. To start, here are answers to some of the most common first-aid questions.

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    September 04, 2020

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    June 13, 2016

    If you’ve ever had to persuade your husband to visit the doctor, you’re not alone. Men love to exhibit denial, machismo, and stoicism about their health. Thankfully, the wome...

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    June 12, 2018

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    March 07, 2017

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  • Stop Smoking Today. Smoking Cessation
    November 04, 2022

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