Dedicated to treating unique mental health needs.

At New Leaf, we are passionate about helping people.

The need for behavioral health services has been growing in Eastern Idaho. To address the mental health needs of our community members, Bingham Memorial has opened the New Leaf Psychiatric Unit (New Leaf). Previously, patients had to travel long distances outside of our community to receive in-patient geriatric psychiatric treatment, but now services are available in Blackfoot, Idaho.

The caring and compassionate team at New Leaf focuses on the evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of mental and emotional disorders. The unit is staffed by medical personnel specially trained to treat patients with symptoms due to psychiatric conditions and unique mental health needs, such as addiction, anxiety, grief, and mood disorders. Furthermore, the facility treats mental disorders ranging from schizophrenia to depression and provides counseling, individual therapy sessions, and prescriptions to help its patients.

The facility’s design was intended to take advantage of the wide range of possible treatment options. It has 10 beds for patients and offices for staff, but it also includes a large common area that provides a more relaxed and social environment. The safe and secure in-patient unit offers 24-hour nursing care and medication management, with the goal of helping patients return to a level of stability that allows them to better quality of life.

New Leaf Psychiatric Unit

98 Poplar Street

Blackfoot, ID 83221

Phone: (208) 782-2995

Open 24 hours a day, seven days week. 


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