Our Core Value Champions (2018-19)

Congratulations Robyn Shoemaker, Doug Norman, Melondie (Mel) Quillimaco, and Emily Milton for being nominated by your peers to represent Bingham Memorial’s core values of honesty, teamwork, caring, and integrity. We are so proud to have you as part of the Bingham family!


“We generate trust by having the inner strength to be truthful and sincere.”

Robyn Shoemaker

Licensed Practical Nurse, Clinic Manager

Robyn is an integral member of her team and works extremely hard to support all of her team’s needs in an honest, open, and caring manner. She is a dedicated, hardworking, and compassionate team leader. She always goes beyond to help staff, patients, and anyone else who needs it.

She recently organized the entire process for reaccreditation for Bingham Memorial’s bariatric program. She overcame many obstacles during the reaccreditation process with a positive and caring attitude. She maintains a cheerful demeanor throughout everything she does. Her positive attitude and energy are contagious.


“We are a committed part of a team of individuals communicating openly to create excellence. We are not a team because we work together. We are a team because we are honest, have integrity, and care for each other.”

Doug Norman

Registered Nurse, Medical Surgical Unit

Doug is an amazing nurse who fully embodies teamwork. As House Supervisor, Doug deals with all kinds of challenges and consistently rolls with the punches. He is the kind of employee you want on your team. He doesn’t get flustered, works closely with the nursing staff to move patients when necessary, and keeps things flowing smoothly. He works through problems efficiently, and takes difficult situations and makes the best of them. He listens when patients and employees have problems and does all he can to help.


“We serve our patients with respect, empathy, and compassion.”

Melondie (Mel) Quillimaco

Nutrition Services & Hospitality Management

Mel always goes the extra mile to help her co-workers. She cares about how everyone feels and does her best to be of comfort when she can. She keeps a positive energy around the work place, is very thorough in her work, and always asks if anyone needs anything before she leaves her shift. She often takes double shifts and works when called in on her days off.

In addition, she is always good with the patients no matter what the circumstances are. She provides compassionate care for her patients and takes pride in doing her job well. She never wants to let her patients or team members down and everyone values her immensely.


“We are accountable to ourselves and others and accept ownership for our actions and attitude. In other words, we strive always to do the right thing whether someone knows or not.”

Emily Milton

Director of Physician Services

Emily always shows integrity and does what is right no matter who is around. She prides herself in doing the right thing in every aspect of her life, but especially in her work. When she walks through a waiting room, she kindly addresses patients with a friendly hello or smile. Even when she is in a hurry to make a meeting, she will stop and make time for people. She offers her time even after work and on weekends to help anyone in need, even patients. She is an amazing mentor and teacher who is always thinking of ways to help her team be better versions of themselves. She sets a high standard for integrity and holds people accountable in the most professional way.

Leading by Example

As we see these exemplary individuals in the hall, may we each reflect upon our own actions and be reminded of what we stand for as an organization as we strive to achieve our mission and vision. To succeed in our important mission, we rely on one another as a diverse team of nearly 1,000 individuals—from physicians, nurses, therapists, engineers, and food service workers to a dynamic housekeeping team, volunteers, administrators, and so much more—all of whom comprise the Bingham Memorial family.