Our Core Value Champions (2019-20)

Congratulations Alicia Bolinder, Ryan Park, Connie Hembreiker, and Monica Crezee for being nominated by your peers to represent Bingham Memorial’s core values of honesty, teamwork, caring, and integrity. We are so proud to have you as part of the Bingham family!


“We generate trust by having the inner strength to be truthful and sincere.”

Alicia Bolinder, RN

Infection Preventionist and Employee Health Nurse

Alicia is an integral member of her team and works extremely hard to support all of her team’s needs in an honest, open, and caring manner. She goes above and beyond when serving the patients and employees in the Bingham Memorial’s Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Center. She consistently tries to do right by the patient, even if this means more work or a more difficult path. She also tries to encourage, educate, and motivate others to be an advocate for their patients and provide the most competent care possible.



“We are a committed part of a team of individuals communicating openly to create excellence. We are not a team because we work together. We are a team because we are honest, have integrity, and care for each other.”

Ryan Park, NP

Nurse Practitioner, Pain Management 

Ryan is an amazing nurse practitioner who fully embodies teamwork. He is patient, kind, and goes the extra mile to ensure that his patients are cared for.

Recently, Ryan had a patient whom he had seen in clinic. When the patient returned to her car, she discovered that her husband was having trouble breathing. Ryan and the Skyline Surgery nursing staff provided the man with help until 9-1-1 arrived. They started an IV and put the patient on oxygen. They were all amazing. Ryan made sure his patient’s husband was in the ambulance before returning to finish his clinic day. He then sent flowers to the Skyline nurses to thank them for their help.

Ryan is a great person and provider who exemplifies teamwork on a daily basis.


“We serve our patients with respect, empathy, and compassion.”

Connie Hembreiker

Admissions Clerk

Connie is what caring looks like in a person. She is friendly, nice, and positive. She is easy to talk to and is always very helpful to our patients by showing them the utmost respect. She always shows her patients that she loves them by either listening to their concerns or by helping them laugh.

She is the sweet, loving person every patient and/or employee sees when they first walk into admissions at Bingham Memorial. With her astounding 20-plus years at Bingham, she can easily answer your questions and gladly help you with open arms. She generates trust with patients and colleagues with her sincere and compassionate personality.


“We are accountable to ourselves and others and accept ownership for our actions and attitude. In other words, we strive always to do the right thing whether someone knows or not.”

Monica Crezee, RN

Registered Nurse, Intensive Care Unit 

Monica always shows integrity and does what is right no matter who is around. Everyone who nominated her found it difficult to choose just one core value that suited her best because she is multifaceted and represents each category. Embodying integrity stood out for her because people trust Monica—they would trust her to care for their own mothers.

In addition, she is always compassionate and kind with her patients. She always wears a smile and brightens people’s day with her signature laugh. She isn’t only concerned with a patient’s physical needs, but she also supports them during the emotional challenges that come with hospital care. She treats everyone with dignity and respect.

Leading by Example

As we see these exemplary individuals in the hall, may we each reflect upon our own actions and be reminded of what we stand for as an organization as we strive to achieve our mission and vision. To succeed in our important mission, we rely on one another as a diverse team of nearly 1,000 individuals—from physicians, nurses, therapists, engineers, and food service workers to a dynamic housekeeping team, volunteers, administrators, and so much more—all of whom comprise the Bingham Memorial family.

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