Congratulations to Jeremy Johnson, RN, who was been awarded Bingham Healthcare’s Employee of the Year - 2020 in recognition and appreciation of the extraordinary contributions he has made throughout 2020. Jeremy has been a registered nurse at Bingham since 2016 and is currently instrumental in successfully running Bingham’s IV therapy program.

Jeremy received a number of nominations from his peers, but this one stood out the most.

“I would like to nominate Jeremy Johnson for employee of the year in IV therapy at Bingham Memorial Hospital. Although we work in different areas of the hospital, I spent a good portion of this year, day after day with Jeremy receiving IV infusions. Let me tell you about my friend Jeremy. I first met Jeremy as a patient before meeting him as a coworker—and eventually a good friend. We’ve had hundreds of conversations together during the 45-minute, every day treatments I had.

“First and foremost, Jeremy is a family man. He loves his wife and kids fiercely. He has a great way with people both young and old alike. I saw him help people that were so scared become relaxed and thankful within a few short minutes. He is confident in his work and I trust my life with him. He places hundreds of PICC lines in patients every year, and he manages the IV therapy center. He’s THE GUY they call in when things go down.

“Everyone at Bingham can agree, he’s definitely the go-to guy when nurses on the floor can’t get an IV in, or if they have a particularly difficult patient. He pitches in to help everywhere and always has a great attitude. He constantly educates and looks for ways to improve processes.

“He has a military background and trains hospital and military personnel all the time. He has been through a lot and has seen it all.

“It was Jeremy and his team who literally saved my life this year with strong antibiotics to remove a bone infection I had in my collarbone. It was Jeremy who placed my PICC line, and Jeremy who administered my IV’s nearly every day. It was Jeremy, as an honest and concerned friend, who helped guide my questions to my doctors when I was unsure what to do. We occasionally still go to lunch together to catch up. He’s become a great friend to me and I am thankful for his skills and good natured way he has with people.

“You deserve the recognition Jeremy, you the man! Hopefully employee of the year!”

-Casey Corrington, Histology Supervisor


“Congratulations, Jeremy, on being nominated by your peers for exemplifying the values and culture of Bingham Healthcare and for being such a positive influence within your department,” said Jake Erickson, CEO at Bingham Healthcare. “And, thank you for embodying our mission and vision statements and core values and for creating a lasting example for our employees. We are so proud to have you as part of Team Bingham!"