BMH Selects First Chief Resident for Internal Medicine Residency Program

Jul 21, 2015Press Releases

Bingham Memorial Hospital is pleased to announce that Leslie Benny, DO, an internal medicine resident, was selected as the first chief resident of the Bingham Internal Medicine Residency program.

Established in 2014, the Bingham Internal Medicine Residency program encompasses teaching future doctors to deliver exquisite patient care while providing a practical learning experience to help them succeed in their future career goals. The program is the first and only American Osteopathic Association (AOA) approved internal medicine residency in Idaho for a doctoral degree in Osteopathic Medicine.

“I was honored to be selected as chief resident of the program,” says Dr. Benny. “I’m a little nervous, but the excitement is overtaking the nervousness. Bingham strives to be on the leading edge of healthcare, and I look forward to seeing how instrumental I can be in the continued growth of the residency program.”

“Our committee, comprised of other doctors, selected him because he is self-motivated, driven, and open to new learning opportunities,” says Shane Robinson, administrative director of graduate medical education at Bingham Memorial Hospital. “Dr. Benny has an exemplary work ethic and is outstanding with patients. Everyone loves Dr. Benny, and we know he’s going to excel in his new role.”

Dr. Benny just completed his first year of residency, and will work with the new residents while they complete their required core curriculum and rotations at Idaho Physician’s Clinic and Bingham Memorial Hospital. In his new role, Dr. Benny will be responsible for helping to facilitate new clinical openings for the residents throughout the area.

“The more exposure residents have to a variety of medical scenarios, the better internal medicine doctors they will become,” explains Bingham Memorial’s leading Cardiologist, B. Shields Stutts, MD. “As a leader, Dr. Benny is now in a position to give back and serve as a mentor, setting expectations and answering any questions new residents might have about their first year in the program. He’ll also be responsible for administrative tasks, such as resident scheduling, teaching, and holding educational lectures.”

Bingham’s residency program provides residents with unique opportunities to develop not only their patient communication skills, but the importance of effective communication between everyone involved in patient care. “From the nursing staff to the respiratory and radiology teams, we work together to ensure the best outcome for the patient,” says Dr. Benny. “I’m seeing that at Bingham in ways I don’t think I would be able to experience in a larger hospital setting.”

Dr. Benny says he has also been fortunate to be a part of Bingham’s residency program because he has had the opportunity to truly get to know the attending physicians and ask them questions in ways that would not have been possible in other programs. “They allow us to be independent and expect us to practice a high level of medicine,” Dr. Benny explains. “And, if we’re not hitting the mark, they’ll let us know, which opens up the door for a teaching moment. All of the attending physicians at Bingham have presented themselves as strong, medical role models, and have given all of us something to aspire to.”

“The goal of the Bingham Internal Medicine Residency Program is to prepare resident physicians to work confidently in physician and hospital settings while providing world class healthcare to all patients,” says Louis Kraml, CEO of Bingham Memorial Hospital. “We believe that with the support of our enthusiastic medical and support staff, as well as our physician and hospital partners, our residents will have the opportunity to become proficient and sought after medical providers in our community.”