Counseling Awareness Month 2015

Apr 22, 2015Health Focus

While April is most often associated with spring showers, it’s also a time to celebrate the outstanding efforts of our counselors as part of Counseling Awareness Month. We are pleased to highlight some of the available services offered by our professional counselors, social workers, and case managers.

Our licensed clinical social worker as well as a psychologist work with people from all walks of life who need a little help, advice, and direction. In Blackfoot and Pocatello, they see children and adolescents, families, substance abuse issues, military, career, employment, retirement counseling and so much more.

Our counselors are well-educated and highly-trained professionals who often apply real-life experiences when giving advice and forming meaningful bonds with clients. “Help” is the main product that professional counselors have to offer, according to the American Counseling Association. Furthermore, they don’t tell someone what to do, but rather help guide the person in understanding and discovering what could make his or her relationships or situation better, or how to explore new paths in life.

Our social workers and case managers are also assigned to patient care areas at Bingham Memorial, and are trained to help patients and family members deal with financial, social and emotional issues that relate to illness or hospitalization. Members of the department also work with patients and families to help cope with long-term illnesses and rehabilitation and are involved in discharge planning.

Additionally, our social workers assist patients with any psychosocial needs during a hospital stay. This may include stressors from being sick, family difficulties, or history of mental health difficulties. If patients need follow up after a stay in the hospital, an appointment can be arranged with our mental health counselor.

Our counselors are trained to provide a process that helps people change for the better. And when someone is dealing with a loss, relationship issues, child rearing anxieties, anger, depression or any of the numerous issues that all of us can face, that’s when it’s time to turn to a licensed professional counselor.

If you think there are concerns in your life that could be helped by talking with a trained professional, you can reach out to our team. They are always welcoming new patients in Blackfoot. To schedule an appointment, please call (208) 785-3800. For more information on our staff, click here.