Joseph A. Sokolek, LCSW

Specialty: Mental Health Counseling

We are pleased to introduce Joseph A. Sokolek, Jr., LCSW, licensed clinical social worker.

His specialties include working with clients who present with difficulties related to ADHD, trauma-related behaviors (such as PTSD), adjustment disorders, anxiety, depression, grief, addictions, anger, and behavioral disorders, as well as anyone who wants to take positive steps to improve their overall mental health and wellbeing.

He believes in the goodness and strengths of others and seeks to empower clients as they work towards treatment plan objectives. He views the healing process as a collaborative endeavor with clients, whom he regards as the experts in their lives.

Joseph holds a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from West Chester University of Pennsylvania, and his Master of Social Work from Boise State University.

He was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. He has been an Idahoan since 2000. When he is not practicing counseling, he enjoys spending time with his wife horseback riding, golfing, and playing tennis.