Lance W. McKay, PA-C*

Specialty: Orthopedics 
*This provider proudly participates in the Bingham Direct Program.

Bingham Memorial Hospital is pleased to introduce Lance W. McKay PA-C.

Lance has a passion for medicine and loves the diversity of what a physician assistant is able to do in the operating room and in the office.

Lance received his bachelor’s degree from Weber State and completed his master’s degree at Yale University where he was instructed by some of the leading researchers in medicine. After completing his training in Connecticut, Lance moved to Arizona to work for almost three years in orthopedic surgery and sports medicine. Assisting in total joint replacements, fracture care and sport related injuries, he learned how to appropriately determine recovery times in order to get his patients back to living their life.

When working with patients, Lance explains, “I listen. I don’t rush in and out of the door. I want to understand what my patients want and get them the care they need. I will take the time to do it.”

Lance is excited to be part of the Orthopedic Institute and Bingham Memorial Hospital. He was drawn to the ideals that Bingham Memorial stands for and the approach that physicians use with medicine and patient care.

He and his wife love to travel, mountain bike, rock climb, hike, ski, play sports and enjoy the outdoors.

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