Lance Wehrle, DO*

Specialty: Internal Medicine

Bingham Memorial Hospital is pleased to welcome Lance Wehrle, DO, to our medical staff.

Dr. Wehrle received his undergraduate degree from Weber State University in Ogden and attended medical school and residency in Las Vegas, Nevada at Touro University and Valley Hospital Medical Center—where he specialized in internal medicine.

Growing up, Dr. Wehrle was interested in helping people in need through science, so medicine was the perfect career for him. Today he prides himself on being an advocate for his patients. He does what needs to be done to help, whether it’s helping to obtain an approval from an insurance company or simply spending extra time to help a patient work through a problem. “I enjoy the relationships I build in medicine and value long-term relationships with my patients.”

As a doctor of internal medicine, Dr. Wehrle serves as a primary care physician for adult patients. He is trained to treat many of the problems today’s adults face, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart failure, coronary artery disease and chronic pulmonary disease. “I specialize in treating illnesses that don’t just go away, illnesses that require regular management. It’s gratifying as I help patients who experience limitations get back to doing what they enjoy.”

Dr. Wehrle and his family enjoy the various outdoor activities east Idaho provides for them, including camping, hiking, biking and fishing. His office is located on the second floor of the Bingham Memorial Medical Plaza. He is welcoming new patients. 

*This provider proudly participates in the Bingham Direct Program.

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