Michael Haderlie, MD*

Specialty: Nephrology
*This provider proudly participates in the Bingham Direct Program.

Bingham Memorial is proud to recommend Michael J. Haderlie, MD, as part of the Idaho Kidney Center.

After high school, Dr. Haderlie volunteered at a hospital and became fascinated with medicine. So fascinated that he completed 13 years of schooling, and now Dr. Haderlie is board certified in internal medicine and has completed a fellowship in nephrology. He chose nephrology because it is one of the most difficult specialties in medicine and he thoroughly enjoys a challenge.

Dr. Haderlie remembers to practice the “art of medicine,” not just the science. He is always considerate of patients. He is here to educate and help patients make their own informed decisions regarding their care.

Patients may visit Dr. Haderlie if they are concerned about high blood pressure or any disease related to the kidney, including electrolyte abnormalities, kidney stone prevention, kidney transplantation, and dialysis and apheresis treatments. There is no better feeling for Dr. Haderlie than to help patients improve their lives with a careful team-based approach to medicine.

If you are concerned about high blood pressure, or are in need of any kidney related care, call Dr. Haderlie at (208)785-3800. He is welcoming patients to the Idaho Physicians Clinic.