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Each foot is made up of 26 individual bones and many ligaments, tendons, and muscles. The ankle is a complex joint where three (tibia, fibula, and talus) bones come together. These bones connect with the foot through a series of tendons, ligaments, and muscles.


These structures supply the body the movement required to walk, run, or jump.


Injuries can reduce movement or range of motion and can make walking difficult, if not impossible.

The most common injuries to the foot and ankle are sprains and fractures. Other areas of the ankle or foot that can become injured are the tendons, which connect muscle to bone, and cartilage, which supplies cushion for the joints. Injuries can reduce movement or range of motion and can make walking difficult, if not impossible.


Wearing supportive shoes is essential to the health of your feet and ankles. Runners should purchase new running shoes every three months or after 500 miles of wear. Wearing protective braces or supports (especially during sports) can also help prevent injury.


Most minor injuries do not require a visit to the doctor and will heal on their own with ice, compressions, and elevation. More serious injuries should be treated by a specialist. Nonsurgical treatments include strengthening exercises and stretching.


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