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About Physicians & Surgeons Clinic of Pocatello

About Our Hospital Way Clinic in Pocatello 

Bingham Healthcare has an extensive, conveniently located medical clinic on Hospital Way in Pocatello. The goal of the Hospital Way clinic is to provide high-quality healthcare to each patient in a compassionate and timely manner. 

Our medical practitioners offer a wide variety of specialties focusing on the needs of every member of your family. With these specialties, and access to all additional services offered at Bingham Healthcare, your entire family will receive the care they deserve.

Medical specialists and services at the Hospital Way clinic include the following:

· Artery & Vein (Vascular) Care
· Dermatology and Skin Care
· Family Medicine
· Mental Health & Counseling Services 
· Orthopedics
· Neurosurgery 
· Podiatry
· Pulmonology
· Sports Medicine

We Accept Medicare & Medicaid

All patients are welcome, and all forms of payment are accepted, including cash, insurance, worker's compensation, Medicare, and Medicaid. Financial counseling is also available for those who require assistance.
Thanks to the Bingham County Commissioners, hundreds of patients are on a discounted fee schedule.
While many physician offices are turning away Medicare and Medicaid patients, the Idaho Physicians Clinic is a certified Medicare and Medicaid clinic, which guarantees that our programs and specialists are available to you.


This practice serves all patients regardless of inability to pay.
Discounts for essential services are offered based on family size and income.
For more information, ask at the front desk or visit our website.
Thank you.


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