Ryan Park, NP*

Specialty: Pain Management & Neurology
*This provider proudly participates in the Bingham Direct Program.

We are proud to have Ryan Park, NP, as part of our pain management group. Ryan earned his Masters in Nursing from Idaho State University in Pocatello.

Ryan’s approach to healthcare makes him the perfect fit for pain management patients. “Because of my nurse practitioner background and having been a nurse, I don’t look at pain as just one thing that needs to be managed,” he said. “There’s a reason behind why you’re having pain, so my job is to help people get to the bottom of that reason. I do that by listening to the patient, managing their pain and then working with physicians to see if there are additional treatments that can make a difference.”

Ryan originally grew up in Hawaii but always dreamed of living in the Rocky Mountains. “I would grow up watching these shows on TV with the beautiful mountain scenery and I thought that would be an amazing place to live,” he said. “The small community here makes it feel like such a family environment.”

Ryan is excited about being a part of the Bingham healthcare team because of the team spirit that helps contribute to better patient care. “This is the type of place where you don’t just clock in and clock out; you actually interact with the people around you, and that means better care,” he said. “I enjoy that if I have questions or I just want to bounce ideas off someone, there are always people who are engaged and ready to make a difference.”

In his spare time, Ryan enjoys physical fitness and spending time with his family.

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