The Servant’s Heart Award

As we strive to deepen the culture of loving care, we seek to recognize those who demonstrate a deep, natural compassion for others in words and deeds. Nominate a coworker for the Servant’s Heart Award by filling out the form below.

Congratulations to our May 2019 Servant’s Heart Recipients

Medical Practitioner

Todd Gillespie, PA-C, Family Medicine Specialist 

“Todd was at Anytime Fitness in Pocatello and was preparing to hop on a treadmill when out of his peripheral vision he saw a female gym goer begin to seize. He rushed over to catch her as her seizure started; he remained calm, kept her on her side, called someone to get help, and began asking if anyone came with her or recognized her so that he could find out any information about her history of seizures or any other medical conditions.

“As several gym goers circled about, Todd kept a calm demeanor and reassured panicky onlookers that she would be all right. After the individual’s seizures stopped, Todd met with the gym’s staff who were present to offer some quick instruction and guidance on how they could care for her in case something like this happened again. I am honored to work with someone who is so readily available to respond to moments of crisis and provide excellent compassion during a difficult situation.”

-Nathan Scholes, PSO Manager

Nursing Team Member

Sabrina Decker, Licensed Practical Nurse

“Sabrina has a natural gift to care for people that was evidenced one day when she met a patient in a busy sports medicine clinic. This patient was a kind, elderly woman who was receiving an award from an organization in which she was once very active and they were holding a dinner in her honor. Unfortunately, she was widowed and estranged from her children and had no one to attend the event with her. Sabrina took time out of her evening to attend the dinner with this virtual stranger. I’m sure Sabrina’s patient was grateful, and her burdens were lightened by this simple act of love and kindness.

“Sabrina is a wonderful person who treats everyone with respect and dignity and responds to their individual needs. I am grateful to have her as a colleague and a friend.”

-Matt Andres, DO, Sports & Family Medicine Specialist 

Support Team Member

Ashley Santillan, Front Office Receptionist

“My dad recently had a procedure and was having some complications. He was unable to reach his doctor being late on a Friday afternoon. I reached out to Ashley on social media who then went out of her way to reach the doctor and get instructions for my dad. Ashley then took the time to call my dad’s home health nurse Friday evening and communicate the doctor’s recommendations.

“Thank you to Dr. Rob Johnson, orthopedic spine surgeon, and his staff for the great care they gave to my dad and a huge thank you to Ashley for going out of her way after hours to help us.”

-Nicole Sager, Physical Therapist Assistant


Past Recipients