The Servant’s Heart Award

As we strive to deepen the culture of loving care, we seek to recognize those who demonstrate a deep, natural compassion for others in words and deeds. Nominate a coworker for the Servant’s Heart Award by filling out the form below.

Congratulations to our July 2019 Servant’s Heart Recipients

Medical Practitioner

Travis Evans, FNP-C, Family Medicine  

“I recently took a family member to see Travis Evans for depression and anxiety treatment. The patient was very depressed and felt like nothing was ever going to change. Travis took the time to talk to both of us. He answered our questions and gave us hope. He promised that if we would give him a little time he would find the right medication and in turn we would ultimately see positive results. He gave suggestions, told us what to watch out for, and was so compassionate that we both left the clinic feeling like everything would be okay. I have never seen a healthcare provider before that take a visit so personally.

“Today the patient is so much better! We switched medications, started counseling, and she is almost back to her regular, wonderful self. I appreciated Travis’s ‘whenever you need to be seen just call and I will see you attitude.’ His caring attitude immediately made me think of the Servant’s Heart Award. He promised and delivered.”


Nursing Team Member

Kimarie Young, LPN, Registered Nurse 

“Kimmi is a back office staff member for a provider at Pocatello Women’s Health Clinic, a member of Bingham Healthcare. We had a patient that had delivered a baby and was doing well, until some bleeding started to occur. As such, an ultrasound was ordered. The ultrasound revealed that there were some unforeseen issues, which required the patient to have an emergency surgery. The patient’s husband had his phone on silent due to working a night shift, and the patient’s family lived one and a half hours away. Not knowing how soon she would need to go in for surgery, she took her newborn baby and headed for the emergency room. Kimmi clocked out and left work to be with the patient and her newborn in the event the patient needed to go into surgery before the family could arrive. The patient was able to get a hold of her husband who arrived just before going into surgery. Having Kimmi there was a huge comfort to the patient in the event the husband couldn’t make it, and showed caring above and beyond what was required.”

-Nathan Dalling

Support Team Member

Linda Gain, Admissions Clerk 

“Linda always demonstrates a servant’s heart. Earlier this week I saw her demonstrating the compassion and loving care she provides to all the patients.

“An elderly patient was dropped off by her daughter for a pulmonary function test. She came to the admissions office and Linda contacted Lydgia to tell her that the patient was here for the appointment. At that point, Lydgia informed her that the patient didn’t have an appointment with her. Instead of just notifying the patient she was at the wrong place, Linda took the time and tracked down the location where the patient had to be and contacted the patient’s daughter so she could come back and pick up her mother. Linda made sure she watched through the window to make sure the daughter picked up her mother, the patient. Upon seeing the daughter drive up the ramp, she personally went and found the patient (she wasn’t in the foyer), and escorted her to the car. This is just one of the many things Linda has done for our patients.

“Linda has been working in our admissions department for eight years. She is amazing at taking time with each individual patient and making sure that she truly helps patients. She always remembers little things about our recurring patients, which makes patients feel welcomed into admissions.

“Last year Linda was recognized in an obituary by the family of a long-time patient. The daughter/family thanked everyone that truly made a difference in her mother’s last moments of her life and included Linda’s name as one of those incredible people.

“These are just a couple of examples of how she treats our patients and their families on a daily basis.”

-Julie Lopez


Past Recipients

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