The Servant’s Heart Award

As we strive to deepen the culture of loving care, we seek to recognize those who demonstrate a deep, natural compassion for others in words and deeds. Nominate a coworker for the Servant’s Heart Award by filling out the form below.

Congratulations to our March 2019 Servant’s Heart Recipients

Medical Practitioner

Angelo Capricchione, MD, Endocrinologist 

“Many employees who work in Dr. Capricchione’s office consider him very deserving of the Servant’s Heart Award. Almost every day he works in clinic, he fits same-day patients into his busy schedule. Sometimes patients will call or stop by and ask to be seen by him and he gladly tells them he will. He doesn’t even think twice about it because he wants to ensure his patients are given the best care possible.

“When he has to take unscheduled time off, he tries to have a makeup day for the patients that were scheduled on those days. This means so much to his patients and shows his coworkers how much his work and patients mean to him. He is also one of the doctors you will see ‘burning the midnight oil,’ getting caught up on patients’ charts and calls. He calls his patients personally, and places the utmost importance in making sure all of his patients are taken care of when it comes to their health. He ensures they have the meds they need to get them feeling better.

“One patient in particular needed vitamin D, but his insurance wouldn’t cover it. Dr. Capricchione generously bought the young man a bottle. Another patient said how grateful he was for Dr. Capricchione because he helped him to get his health and life back in order. He has so many patients that thank him like this for helping them to get their lives back on track.

“It just takes an awesome doctor like Dr. Capricchione and some work on the patients’ part to establish a routine, and then patients are on the road to a better life, in terms of health. I can provide many more reasons as to why he is so deserving of this award, but this is a pretty clear picture of his work as a great doctor and how much of a joy he is to work with.”
-Halee Bodily, Front Office Receptionist

Nursing Team Member

Debbie Chapman, Registered Nurse

“Debbie encountered a patient that had just arrived for treatment. He was very depressed and showed signs that he was emotionally hurting inside. Using the gift of presence and sensitivity, she reached out to discover more about this patient’s needs, other than the obvious, physical ones. With a high level of caring and compassion, she offered words of hope and encouragement that were deeply touching and life changing. She went far above the norm of what might otherwise be found in the demanding and fast-paced environment of the operating room. She provided a loving imprint into this patient’s soul that will never be forgotten.

“All this was made known in great detail when the hospital received a two-page thank you letter from this patient, expressing their gratitude for all that Debbie had done!”

In the letter, the patient described how kind, caring, and what a good listener Debbie had been. At the end of the letter, the patient wrote: “I was unable to process the emotion and reality of what kindness and genuine love I was hearing and experiencing. The kindness and genuine love that my inner-child never experiences but so desperately craves. I am almost overwhelmed with emotion. I don’t know what to do with myself or how to process this. Love is actually kind of scary if you've not experienced it much.”

Also, her coworker, Camila Harriman, said: “Debbie is a great nurse, with a big heart, that thinks outside the box and goes the extra mile for patients. She took time to comfort and care for a patient in a way that made them feel loved and was much needed. On her day off, she brought in a weighted blanket she made for him. He has since used it and said it has helped.”
-Taylor Crumley, ER Admissions Clerk

Support Team Member

Elizabeth Immroth, Payroll

”Beth saw a patient at Wal-Mart and noticed they looked worried. She asked if she could help them and they said they had been going to our hospital for wound care and needed to find a sterile cotton tipped applicator. Wal-Mart did not have any and they had already travelled all over Blackfoot looking for some, without any success. They mentioned how important it was for them to clean this wound twice a day so it could heal. Beth talked to me and asked if I could help them. The next day, she called me to follow up on this. I was able to give the patient enough medical supplies until their mail order arrived.                                                                                 

“Beth saw this opportunity to help someone (outside of the hospital) and followed up on it to make sure the patient was taken care of. While she doesn’t always come in to direct contact with patients, I saw her desire and willingness to help them out. Beth is always showing that she cares about people and is always willing to help in any way. Even with payroll, she is always prompt and I always get an email back from her."
-Alondra Trejo, PSO Manager


Past Recipients