The Servant’s Heart Award

As we strive to deepen the culture of loving care, we seek to recognize those who demonstrate a deep, natural compassion for others in words and deeds. Nominate a coworker for the Servant’s Heart Award by filling out the form below.

Congratulations to Our November 2018 Servant’s Heart Recipients

Physician Caregiver

Michael T. Harris, MD, Family Medicine

Nominated by: Dorothy Hansen, Office Manager

“In the time that I have worked with Dr. Harris, I have seen only caring and compassion from him. His patients come in and often are here with family members who are also having troubles; he will make time for them all and adds them to his schedule without a second thought. And, he has many patients that require a lot of extra assistance.

“On one particular day, he had an elderly patient and her daughter walk to their appointment due to a lack of transportation. The daughter asked if we knew where the nearest bus stop was or if there were any other transportation options, as her mom was not feeling well enough to walk back home. Dr. Harris simply said ‘I will take you home.’ He loaded the mom (with her walker) and daughter into his car and took them home. He didn’t want them to have to wait for transportation services and he also knew they couldn’t afford it.

“Dr. Harris always puts his patients and staff first. He is greatly appreciated!”

Nurse Caregiver

Jamaica Ranstrom, Certified Nurse Assistant

Nominated by: Anonymous

“Jamaica is an overall incredible person, who exemplifies compassionate care in her interactions with patients. She thinks outside the box to make sure patient’s needs are met.

“A few weeks ago, we had a patient whose surgery ran late. The patient had arranged transportation through a company because she had a motorized wheelchair. Since it was after five, the company wouldn’t give her a ride home and she was really stressed. After trying
different options, Jamaica had the idea to arrange a Bingham Memorial Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation vehicle that could transport a motorized wheelchair. After a few different phone calls, they arranged for someone to come in and take the patient home. Because Jamaica was
going above and beyond, even though no one asked her too, she was able to ease the stress of the patient and find a solution to the problem.

“Also, this past week there was a patient from out of town who came the day before surgery to find the hospital. She took the time out of her day to give him a tour of the hospital and show him where he would need to go the following day. When contacted with more information about
the surgery, he requested that she help take care of him.

“These are just a few example of how Jamaica takes time for patients and makes them feel cared for. I have seen many times how she is able to calm patients and make them feel more comfortable.”

Everyone’s a Caregiver

Samantha Osman, Enviornmental Services

Nominated by: 

“Sam is always very accommodating to our patients and their families. She goes the extra mile
and never complains when asked to do something. Her smile and kindness is always
welcoming.” – Monica Crezee, Registered Nurse

“Sam cleans and does a great job, always going the extra mile. She also comforts patients and
makes them feel at ease. She always has a smile to share. Frequently patients comment on her
kindness.” – Sarah Russell, Social Worker

“Sam is one of the most positive people in the hospital that I know. She always, says to me, ‘It’s a great day today,’ and means it. Her happiness is infectious. When I first starting working at Bingham Memorial Hospital, she made coming a delight! If I need to move a heavy recliner, she always drops what she is doing and helps me do it. She has a true Servant’s Heart” – Michael Harris, Patient Experience Coordinator

Past Recipients