The Servant's Heart Award

As we strive to deepen the culture of loving care, we seek to recognize those who demonstrate a deep, natural compassion for others in words and deeds. Nominate a coworker for the Servant's Heart Award by filling out the form below.

Congratulations to Our December 2017 Servant’s Heart Recipients

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Physician Caregiver

David J. Peterson, DO - Orthopedic Surgeon

Nominated by: Anonymous

“A respiratory team member was looking for someone to help with a patient while Dr. Peterson was standing at a nurse’s station putting in orders for his patients on the floor. He asked her what she needed. Dr. Peterson stopped what he was doing and went in to help move this patient up in bed. He had no idea who the patient was, or what they were here for, and still went in to help. These are the types of small and big acts of kindness Dr. Peterson does every day.”


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Nurse Caregiver

Kathleen Poe - Licensed Practical Nurse

Nominated by: Sheila Colvin, Billing Clerk

“My husband almost lost his foot due to a diabetic foot ulcer. We had an amputation scheduled and Katie (Kathleen) fought for him by contacting a specialist who agreed to try a different type of treatment. For the last 9 months, he has been receiving treatment at the Healing Center & Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in Pocatello. Katie gave us her personal cell phone number to use if we ever had questions. When my husband had a flair up on his foot, we called Katie and she had us send her pictures of the foot. She walked us through what to do until we could get into the clinic. She has also texted my husband throughout this difficult time to make sure he is doing okay. During one of the most trying and scariest times of both my husband’s and my life, Katie made it a little bit easier. She is a phenomenal nurse and I believe she saved my husband’s foot. We will forever be grateful to her and for her unwavering care and compassion.”


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Everyone’s a Caregiver

Sheila Colvin - Billing Clerk

Nominated by: Makenzie Taylor, Speech-Language Pathologist

“I’ve been treating a patient with a verbal expression disorder, and she has a difficult time verbally communicating to anyone in the community (e.g.; at the bank, grocery store). She had some concerns regarding her insurance coverage pertaining to her therapy, so we called Shelia in patient financial services. She took the time to meet with the patient personally, which the patient greatly appreciated. Sheila was organized, kind, patient, and answered all of her questions. She had a weight lifted off her shoulders as well as feeling empowered with the ability to communicate for herself with someone new.

“I appreciate this more than Sheila can ever know. This particular disorder is extremely isolating and patients feel they no longer have the option to communicate their wants or needs. Sheila’s kindness and patience will have positive, long-standing effects for this patient.”

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