The Servant's Heart Award- Second Quarter Recipents- 2023

As we strive to deepen the culture of loving care, we seek to recognize those who demonstrate a deep, natural compassion for others in words and deeds. Our quarterly Servant’s Heart Award honors team members who are recognized by their peers for delivering loving and compassionate care.

Congratulations to our First Quarter Servant’s Heart Recipients for 2023



Heather Pugmire, MD (OB/GYN & Women’s Health, Grove Creek Medical Center) 

Story- I would like to nominate Dr. Heather Pugmire for the servant’s heart award. A servant's heart means to have a, "mindset or a desire to selflessly and sacrificially serve others, regardless of your feelings toward them or what it may cost you.” Dr. Pugmire is generally the first person to work in the morning and the last to leave. I have always been amazed by her tenacity to teach others, both staff and patients. She is highly accountable to the roles she takes; completes tasks to assist others in their roles & ultimately to drive the vision of being the number one center for women's services The amount of time and energy she puts in is above and beyond. I remember one night the hospital was so busy that she packed up some extra monitors and hauled them over to GCMC herself so that we could adequately take care of our patients. I'm sure it was quite a site, for her to get those down the stairs and shoved into her car by herself at 2am. It resulted in no patients needing to be diverted, yet a very busy night which seemed to actually energize her! She has never been too good, too accomplished, or too entitled to get in the thick of it and help the nurses or techs. I have sat in many meetings where she has said "we will figure it out, we will make it work" and she indeed has. She drives a never ending vision train, accomplishing more than she ever even realizes. We often have discussions & reminders about that! We are all very lucky to work alongside and be mentored by her. GCMC’s  success would not be what it is without her & her servant heart actions ❤ 

Nominated by- Helena Callister



Paige Rasmussen (Back Office Assistant, Pocatello Women’s Health Clinic)


Story- Paige is integral to our mission of making our patients feel like they are part of our clinic family and that we are invested deeply in their families. She is a bright spot in each interaction with our patients and goes above and beyond to make our patients feel welcome and cared for. On numerous occasions, she has walked patients to labor and delivery, their cars, or the parking lot. There have been multiple patients over the past two years who have asked if Paige can be present for the delivery of their baby when I'm called to the labor floor. When able, she joins and the patients are so grateful to be further supported by a team member that they know cares deeply for them in one of their most memorable and vulnerable moments. 

I am certain that patients come to our clinic to see both Paige and I. She often gets to work before me and leaves after me, still working on patient care items because of her level of dedication and accountability. Many people show up to work every day but not everybody SHOWS UP emotionally and creatively, and Paige is an example of this spirit. Her ability to be adaptable in an unpredictable and busy OB office is certainly appreciated both by me and the patients we care for especially when things don't always go according to plan. 

Paige will reach out to me on weekends and nights when I'm on call, inquiring how our patients are doing and if everything was smooth with their care or delivery. This shows me how much our patients and their experience are on the forefront of her mind. It comes from a genuine and unsolicited place in her heart. Without reservation, no one within the BMH organization is more deserving of this award and recognition than Paige Rasmussen. 

Nominated by- Dr. Vanessa Cameron 



Gina Haddon (Cook, Nutrition Services)

From the thank-you page-

Thanks for making the cafeteria flow as smoothly as you do, and we all get our food. Even with not enough staff, supplies not coming in, big groups, or large orders you make sure we are taken care of. You do an amazing job of taking care of us no matter what obstacles show up for you and it's always with a smile!  12/8/22

Thank you for making dinner for us night shifters. We appreciate all of your kindness and hard work!  July/22

Nominations by- Anonymous