The Servant’s Heart Award - Fourth Quarter Recipients - 2021

As we strive to deepen the culture of loving care, we seek to recognize those who demonstrate a deep, natural compassion for others in words and deeds. Our quarterly Servant’s Heart Award honors team members who are recognized by their peers for delivering loving and compassionate care. 

Congratulations to our Fourth Quarter Servant’s Heart Recipients for 2020!

Medical Practitioner

Michael T. Harris, MD – Family Medicine Specialist

Nominated by: Heather Quinton, Clinic Manager, and Michael Brandes, Business Writer

“Dr. Harris is such a kind and caring physician. On Tuesday, October 5th, Dr. Harris was the first employee into the clinic at 17th street. He arrived at about 10:50 a.m. and was greeted with inches of water all over the floor; stretching from the back door clear into his office. Dr. Harris always comes to work dressed to impress, so he stepped in and to his surprise his shoes were soaked. He went to his car and grabbed his work out shoes and went back into the building to find the source of the water. He found that a pipe had broken off the hot water tank. Realizing that he was going to get soaked he went back to his car grabbed his work out gear and a hat and went back in.

“Engineering was contacted and they were on the way, but as you know the drive from Blackfoot to Idaho Falls can take a bit of time, so he FaceTimed with Josh Maynard trying to figure out how to turn the water off. Engineering showed up and they too had a bit of trouble getting the water turned off. (We now all know where the main water shut off valve is to the building!)

“This displaced Dr. Harris and his nurse from their desks and normal exam rooms. He picked up what he needed and moved to the other end on the building, changed clothes, and went to seeing patients like getting soaked when you show up to work is a normal thing. It has been almost four weeks and he has never complained, comes to work so happy to see patients and his staff. He was finally able to move back into his office at the beginning of November.

“A couple words that I would use to describe Dr. Harris are calm and passionate.”


Nursing Team Member

Shylow Lund, CNA

Nominated by Jake Erickson, CEO

(This came from a note of a patient.)

“I want to tell you I am in the BMH ICU currently fighting Covid pneumonia. I have to tell you  since my arrival here Sunday night it’s been such a blessing with the doctors and nurses. They call themselves caregivers, but they are more like angels called to serve and protect the sick and worried! You have an AWESOME organization here and should be blessed and proud of everything Bingham does for all involved! Thanks again! This is what one of your staff did for me last night!

“The ICU staff presented the patient a homemade knitted cap made by Shylow Lund. Included with the gift was this note, ‘We heard that you were cold and thought you might need something to warm you up a bit. So with the help of one of our favorite staff members (Shylow Lund) we made you this hat. We hope it helps. Get well soon.’”

“Thank you, Shylow, for going above and beyond to provide high-quality and compassionate care to our patients!”

Support Team Member

Lindsey Krehbiel, CNA

Nominated by: Anonymous

“The other day while we were making our reminder calls a patient said she wasn’t sure if she would be able to come in because she only had one pair of shoes (which were flip flops). She let the patient know that she would have some for her when she came to the appointment. Lindsey ended up bringing her a pair of tennis shoes, boots, and a jacket. What a great example of her generosity! Just wanted to tell her how awesome she is of thinking of others.”


Thank you to all of the fourth quarter Servant’s Heart winners for all you do every day in providing compassionate and personalized care to every person you serve.

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