The Servant's Heart Award- Second Quarter Recipents- 2022

As we strive to deepen the culture of loving care, we seek to recognize those who demonstrate a deep, natural compassion for others in words and deeds. Our quarterly Servant’s Heart Award honors team members who are recognized by their peers for delivering loving and compassionate care.

Congratulations to our First Quarter Servant’s Heart Recipients for 2022


Medical Practitioner

B. Shields Stutts III – Cardiologist 

Nominated by: Michael J. Harris – Patient Experience Coordinator

“Dr. Stutts has been caring for a patient who has been on med/surg floor for about 3 to 4 months. Everyone knows this patient; he’s kind, motivated, and a grateful soul. He believes when he first came in that he’d never walk out again.

“The patient has had a heart condition for years—that could not be corrected surgically. He’s had treatment for it—at many other medical places, but most provided treatment that ‘tuned him up’ and then sent him on his way. This is the kind of care he’s gotten over and over again. However, Dr. Stutts has a reputation for digging in deep with patients to look for a lasting solution. In doing so, he came across a medication that would not only keep the patient alive, but would give him quality living.

“The patient, however, worsened several times and was put back in the ICU at least two or three times, but Dr. Stutts was convinced the treatment could be done at Bingham. According to the patient, Dr. Stutts told him this treatment has never happened in an Idaho hospital. The patient now needs to be on a IV drip, most likely the rest of his life. The patient will be well-equipped with a backpack so he can leave his home and do some normal things. 

“The patient is looking forward to taking nature pictures and going fishing. He is scheduled to discharge very soon when a special nurse will fly out to train home health and family members how to administer the medication properly. The patient recently celebrated his birthday and hospital staff party planned for him. When he was discharged, the team did their best to send him off with a song. They sang ‘Happy Trails to You’ by Roy Rogers. Patient was extremely grateful and wants to give back by volunteering here in the hospital if his health will permit.”


Nursing Team Member

Merri Hunt, RN, Registered Nurse

Nominated by: Anonymous

“Merri orchestrated a complete birthday party for a long term patient on Med/Surg that has been with us several months. She arranged for staff to bring in food that was okayed by his doctor and decorated his room and the breakroom, and then invited his family to attend. Merri truly cares for her patients and wants to see them do well, physically, mentally, and emotionally. This also carries over to her co-workers. Med/Surg and the patients that pass through here will never be the same because of Merri, and that is a good thing. She has forever changed so many lives.”


Support Team Member

Adrian Ramos, Engineering

Nominated by: Josh Maynard

“Adrian is a phenomenal worker! He is kind and friendly to everyone, willing to do anything, and goes above and beyond while doing it. He’s the kind of employee you hope for. He is always willing to cover call for anyone (even when the Dallas Cowboys are playing). I jokingly call him ‘governor’ because he knows everyone and everyone knows him. I don’t have any stories per se, but I do get comments from staff quite often telling me what a good person/worker he is, and to me that has Servant’s Heart written all over it!”


Thank you for all you do every day in providing compassionate and personalized care to every person you serve.


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