Shane Anderson, DO*

Specialty: Internal Medicine & Hospitalist
*This provider proudly participates in the Bingham Direct Program.

We are pleased to introduce Shane Anderson, DO, who is a member of our hospitalist team.

Dr. Anderson is a native of Southern Idaho.   He attended Weber State University where he earned a full ride scholarship and then began working for the university as a chemical engineer.   Because of his interest in being a life-long learner and teacher, and his talent for developing a good rapport with his colleges, students, and customers, his advisors encouraged him to consider a career as a physician where he could magnify these skills. 

He attended medical school at A.T. Still University and continued his residency training in Internal Medicine in North Las Vegas and Northern Missouri.  

Dr. Anderson joined the Air Force, where he served as a hospitalist and critical care intensivist and completed a fellowship in trauma critical care at the Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore.  During his four years in the Air Force, one of his many highlights was serving as the Infectious Disease Chair on the Air Force base in Alaska.  Upon leaving the Air Force, Dr. Anderson worked at the Oneida County Hospital in Malad, in the emergency room, clinic, hospital and nursing home, all while serving as Chief of Staff.

“I jumped at the opportunity to come to Bingham Memorial because it has a reputation of being the most successful rural hospital in Idaho,” states Dr. Anderson. “Bingham Memorial Hospital is setting a standard for all hospitals with its services and quality patient healthcare.”

Joining the team at Bingham Memorial Hospital as a hospitalist, Dr. Anderson will play a critical role as the central doctor in administering and guiding the healthcare of patients. "I believe education is paramount to patient care,” says Dr. Anderson.  He thoroughly educates his patients so they’re able to understand exactly what is happening. Then, they can take an active role in maintaining their health and lifestyle. 

Aside from medicine, Dr. Anderson enjoys spending time with his wife and children. He loves reading books on human psychology, enjoys fly fishing, and raising organic chickens and turkeys.


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