#BMHrocks Because of You!

Every week we receive hundreds of compliment cards from our patients and guests who have had an exceptional experience at Bingham Memorial Hospital or at one of our clinics throughout eastern Idaho. This feedback not only helps use to constantly improve our level of care, but helps to recognize employees who have gone above and beyond to provide high-quality, caring, and compassionate care.

While we wish we could highlight every employee who receives a thoughtful thank you from a patient or guest, here are few testimonials from real patients, highlighting Bingham Memorial employees.

Sam Matamoros, RN

I absolutely love Bingham. This is the 3rd babe I have delivered here and for good reason. The facility is wonderful. The rooms are large and comfortable and he Wi-Fi is great added bonus. But more importantly, the staff is amazing! My nurse, Sam was wonderful. She was so sweet, thoughtful and extremely professional. We love Bingham and would recommend the hospital time and time again. Thank you!

-from a patient



BMH Engineering Team

"We would like to recognize the great work the engineering team does on a daily basis to make sure BMH is a safe and well-running facility for our patients. All of your contributions both inside and outside of the hospital cannot be overstated. We wouldn't be able to do what we do without you. Thank you, engineering team! #BMHrocks because of you!"



Jetta Tressell, Certified Wound Ostomy Nurse

"Dear Jetta, there are no words that can express my gratidude for all your help! I brought you a mess and in three weeks (and  through so much of your hard work) you have done such an amazing job on my foot and leg. thank you so very much"

-from a patient


Kate Denny, Physical Therapy

"Kate has helped me so much with scheduling my Physical Therapy appointments. She was able to help me schedule appointments during difficult times and helped work around my complicated schedule. Sometimes I have to change and reschedule with little notice and she is always so understanding and helps me reschedule. Thank you, Kate!"

-from a patient


Amanda Dance, Lab Technician

"Amanda in the lab was very helpful. She was able to get me in and out in a timely manner while still doing a very thorough and professional job. She made me feel so comfortable and I knew that I was in experienced hands. It was very peaceful and quick. Thanks, Amanda!"

-from a patient


Caleb Davis, Radiology

"A patient from Arco stopped in to my office to let me know Caleb did an ultrasound on him and he could not say enough about what a great job he did! He wanted me to pass the praise up the line because he said Caleb deserves something good for his efforts."

–Lisa Wells, Radiology Director


The Housekeepers at BMH

"We would like to recognize the great work the housekeepers do in making BMH a clean and safe facility for our patients. Your contribution to the patient experience and quality of care cannot be overstated. Thank you for your dedication and hard work."

-Jeff Daniels, CEO-Interim

Trudi Poole, RN

"Trudi, the RN who took care of me was so, so nice! She was right there with me every moment I needed her. She made my experience so great!"


-from a patient

Cory Winterbottom, Engineering

"Cory went above and beyond to help us keep our server room online during an electrical cooling issue. Cory's ability to be creative helped us resolve the issue quickly without needing to power down all our equipment. A HUGE thank you to Cory for helping us out."

-from a Department Manager


Jenny and Carolyn were the nicest, sweetest nurses I've ever had. I loved having my baby with me from delivery to discharge. We were able to get to know our daughter and her needs because of a well-established nursing routine. Heather was amazing and always very helpful and informative. I felt so comfortable asking her all my questions. They were all with me every step of the way which gave me peace of mind.

-from a patient

Wendy Knox, Phlebotomist

"Wendy in the lab is a wonderful employee and person. She is very professional, but kind and sweet.  She makes you feel at ease with procedures and gives you the reassurance that everything will be fine. She has a warm inviting smile when she greets you. When I see that she is the one taking care of me, I know it’s going to be great."

-from a patient

Robert Baker, Transportation

"Robert is always so cheerful, friendly and informative. He helps me get to and from the hospital and I always feel very safe with him behind the wheel. He takes great care to make sure that I arrive at my appointments on time and safely. Thank you so much for what you do, Robert."

-from a patient


Heather Tripp, Admissions Clerk

"Heather Tripp went so completely out her way to help me today. I was so thankful for her kindness and selfless attitude. She made me feel so cared for. Thank you so much, Heather!"

-from a patient


Kristie Watson, Radiology

"Kristie Watson was so helpful and awesome! She made me feel right at home and helped relieve the stress I felt at my appointemnt. Her kindness and care made my visit very enjoyable."

-from a patient


Samantha Osman, Housekeeping

" Samantha is a great housekeeper. She is always on time and her personality is wonderful! She is a very postive person and I really appreciated her. Thank you, Sam!"

-from a patient


Christine Armstrong, RN

"Chris helped me through an emotionaly difficult time by making my visit to the hospital so much easier! She taught me so much in a short time about what exceptional care really looks like. I was also very thankful for the great menu at the Hospital, it felt like I was eating at my favorite resturant! Yummy!  Chris, thank you for all your care and encouragment"

-from a patient


Irma De Luna, Housekeeping

"Both my husband and I were impressed with Irma, your employee. She is friendly, helpful to patients and patients' families. She works very hard at keeping the hospital clean and sanitary. Good work Irma!"

-from a patient


Debbie Chapman, RN

"My experience here is always good. Great nurses and staff. Today, I met Debbie and she was really helpful. I really enjoyed meeting with her and receiving her care."

-from a patient


Carolyn Posegate, RN

"Thank you so much for your nursing skills and your patience in finding a place to start my new I.V. I was so lucky to get you. Thanks again for your care."

-from a patient


Jerry Garcia, Patient Financial Advocate

"I would like to express my gratitude to Jerry Garcia, a patient financial advocate, for his patience and willingness to help me resolve a billing issue I had. He was always very professional and willing to listen to my concerns. I very much appreciate the time he spent resolving the issue in a timely manner. Kudos to him!"

-from a patient


Mary Hollum, Patient Financial Advocate

"Dear Mary, you are truly a complement to the personnel at Bingham Memorial Hospital. Your professional handling of my request left me with a peaceful, pleasant experience. Thank you so much, you made my day."

-from a patient


Michele Coffey, RN

“Someone must have been watching out for me when I got you to be my nurse the night of my surgery. You have no idea how much I appreciate your care & concern. Thank you so much. You are a wonderful nurse. We’re lucky to have you.”

-from a patient